I hope some day you will join us…at Peace Day MMI!

By. Dubem M.

Rome, Italy (MP)

ROME (MP)- On September the 18th of 2015, the entire student body of Marymount Rome congregated to celebrate Peace Day; a globally recognized event first created by the UN as a day to strengthen inner and outer peace.

Students from EC1 all the way to the 12th grade gathered on the soccer field in the shape of a peace sign. After the formation of the peace sign, there a photo was taken from the top of the elementary school building.

There were readings that encouraged us to reflect on true peace in ourselves and our families. After the chain of readings, Marymount’s Secondary School choirs merged to sing “Imagine” by John Lennon.

Preparations for the Peace Day assembly began several weeks earlier when “Imagine” was introduced to the Royal Voices (Middle School and High School choirs) and they worked diligently to make this song perfect. The 8th grade also worked together in the preparations, who used their ingenuity and math skills to create the perfect circle and lines for the peace sign.

With all of the hard work put into this celebration, Marymount was able to make yet another successful Peace day celebration!


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