Lights, Camera, Action! Lions?

By: Alice M.

Rome,Italy (MP)       

ROME (MP) – On September 21st , 2015 our school hosted a film company to produce their new movie directed by Carlo Vanzina; he is acclaimed by Italian critics as one of the most talented film directors of Italian comedy.

As we looked around, we could easily see that there were buses in the parking lot, all around the gardens and the open areas on the campus, and they were reserved to the filming crew. The setting of the movie was Miami and our school was “transformed” from the school we know and love into an American University!

In the area outside the cafeteria we recognized the most famous comedian Italian actors: Max Tortora and Paola Minaccioni.

During the day, we attended the filming of the movie while eating a croissant or drinking a coffee. All the students stopped and stared at the scenes even when we needed to hurry to classes!

(At lunch, we looked at one of the most funny scene of the entire day and I (Sofia) asked Max Tortora for an autograph. He was so nice in fact he asked me what was my name and in which grade I was in! I couldn’t stop telling my friends of my experience !)
It was interesting and curious realizing that beside a hilarious and funny movie there is also great work and sacrifice. We look forward to seeing the movie !!!


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