Marymount Sharing All the World


by Riccardo M.

Rome, Italy (MP)

(MP) On Friday the 18th of September 2015, Marymount International School in Rome formed a stupendous peace symbol with the help from the student body and staff. Everybody was dressed up colorfully to make the situation more animated. This all took place on the green soccer pitch under the basketball courts and happened to be an amazing event and experience.

Recreating the peace symbol with the students show how Marymount is an open-minded school that encourages the mixture of different nationalities. Enthusiasm filled the school and made everybody excited about the event.  

The event was captured by the photographers standing on the top of the Elementary building on campus. This happening signified the amount of peace that the world needs. The different colors, making the symbol stand out, highlighted the importance of a harmonious world.

Furthermore, chosen speakers talked passionately about the idea of peace: Samuel, Gennaro and others avidly transferred the main message to all the people present.

The choir’s talented voices sang in relation to the idea of a world without war and hatred by singing the popular song, “Imagine”, by John Lennon. This single word allowed everyone to reflect and imagine peace on earth.

This event turned out to be a work of art, not only from a visual point of view but also from a spiritual point of view. It allowed people to feel peace within themselves and it spread around the school.


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