Marymount’s First Tournament of the Season

-By Tia S. and Lena M.

-Naples, Italy (MP)

ROME (MP) – On September 18th, the new varsity Royal volleyball teams went to the Naples tournament to compete avidly against the strong opponents. Even though the teams were formed a few days before the tournament, they had the spirit to leave Rome and represent our school.

The trip was about 3 hours long, but the time went by quickly because everyone was excited to play and couldn’t wait to reach the city of Naples. When the teams arrived, they went to a school in the American Embassy to leave their belongings. They then explored what Rita calls “a city inside a city”. The American Embassy in Naples, in fact,  has restaurants, stores and uses American currency.

Later that day, the girls went off to their first volleyball match. They started off slow, but progressively improved throughout the game by communicating and trying their best. In the end, sadly, it did not pay off and they lost the game. The boy’s team played against Naples and was able to win every game. Their hard work, determination and spirit got them to become champions.

At night they went to a bowling alley to eat and play some games, it was a great time. But by 10:30 everyone was tired so they decided to get back to the school to sleep.

The next morning they went to the supermarket to get some food. Then the girls played another match, with massive improvement, and won a set. As the girls finished before the boys, the girls went to support the boys’ team and gave them loads of motivation and support.
Overall, the varsity teams worked extremely hard and tried their best in each game . This shows that in Marymount everyone supports each other and always has an amazing spirit.Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.14.27


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