Peace Day Action

By Arna M.

Rome, Italy (MP)

ROME (MP) – On Friday the 18th, Peace Day 2015 was an enormous success at Marymount International School. It was a day filled with singing, prayer and a special act of unity. Colourfully dressed kindergarteners, elementary school students, middle schoolers and high schoolers all rushed down to the spacious soccer field to witness an annual act of kindness, gathering in a circle and making a symbol of peace.

Once the whole student body and staff had been brought together for a minute of prayer, all eyes were fixated on the podium, where students of all ages and nationalities said a beautiful multi religious prayer. This in turn gave everyone a chance to think about their actions and take a time out of their day to be thankful and serene.

After a short moment of reflection, the middle school and high school choir sung one of the most popular songs pleading for peace, John Lennon’s “Imagine”. The soothing tone of the altos and strong harmony of the sopranos helped improve the atmosphere and convey a message of tranquility that spread to each and every student.

It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone had a smile on their face. This assembly hopefully reminded Marymount International School to take time out of their busy schedules and thank God for all that we have, in addition to praying for the well being of others.


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