The Royals Roamed Outside Rome

By Kristen O.

Rome, Italy (MP)

ROME (MP) – On the 11th September, our  9th grade class went on a trip to Cerveteri and Santa Severa; all of us enjoyed to spend  a day outside of school. We were welcomed into Cerveteri with an ancient looking castle towering over us.  Inside the museum we saw old vases, pottery and art; by observing them we learned about their significance and the history beside it. It was a momentous learning experience because we explored a different part of Rome that most of us had never seen before.

After the interesting tour in Cerveteri’s museum, we anxiously waited for the bus to arrive to the beach at Santa Severa to spend the afternoon with friends in the beach, we appreciate the experience! We had a chance to make new friends, share stories about our summer vacations, and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather.
All in all, the Roman day trip went spectacularly. We all did some learning but we also did some relaxing, alongside old friends and new ones. It was a great way to learn among friends and spend some time together outside of school!


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