Student Profile – Kyla H.

Name: Kyla H

Nickname: Ky

Age: 16

Nationality: American

Year group: 12th Grade

Time in MMI: 3 years

Motto: Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Languages: English and Italian

Outstanding skills? I guess I’m decent at swimming?

Favourite pastime? Reading or surfing.

Eye colour? Brownish

Extracurricular activities? Swimming, National Honor Society, and Class Rep.

Celebrity crush? Ian Somerhalder

Favourite sport? Swimming

Dream college/university? Georgetown

Dream job? Biomedical Engineer

Favourite colour? Purple

Favourite subjects? Biology and Chemistry

What’s your most proud moment? I’m not quite sure I have one yet… maybe ask me after graduation and I’ll have a different answer.

Greatest accomplishment? That I’ve been swimming competitively for 12 years.

Favourite song? Depends on the day

Favourite movie? The first Avengers movie or Iron Man… I can’t decide.

Cats or Dogs? Dogs.

Tea or Coffee? Coffee!!!

If you could have a cup of tea/coffee with any historical figure, who would it be? Malala Yousafzai, because of the great courage she showed when standing up for what she believed in.

Most awkward thing that ever happened to you? That’s a story for another time.

Favourite Shakespearean play? I guess Othello…

If you were granted three wishes what would you ask for? Super long weekends, superpowers and more wishes

Favourite Disney movie? Big Hero 6

Biggest pet peeve? When I have 4 tests all on the same day plus loads of homework and no time to study.

If you were a character in Harry Potter, what house would you be in? Ravenclaw

What would your superhero name be? The greatest procrastinator ever

Best thing about Rome? The food

3 things you would take to a deserted island? A book, some food, and a camera.

Highlight of this year? Swimming at Italian Nationals in March

Why did the chicken cross the road? For no good reason.


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