Apple Pencil: Is it Awesome or Stupid?

By: Arna M

Apple is doing a fantastic job discovering new technology and satisfying customers’ needs with new products such as the iPhone 6s and Apple Watch. Recently they have introduced yet another creation, The Apple Pencil. However, the real question is whether it’s yet another awesome creation or just plain stupid?

The Apple Pencil is designed to “look and feel like a familiar tool” but still includes revolutionary technology and manufacture. It has various pros and cons, which will conclude whether it is a product suitable for you.

Apple continues to introduce technology to as many people as they can each day, going as far as introducing a product especially made for artists. It is only usable with the iPad Pro and has multiple useful features that designers will love.

Despite the fact that the iPad Pro respectively costs a minimum of “799 (€700), the Pencil costs an additional $99. For some, the price may sound ridiculous, but for dedicated artists, it may be attainable.

Throughout the years, new media art has become extremely popular, making the pencil a good effort by Apple to predict new trends in the future. Though the public’s responses to these attempts are usually varied, for some artists, this new product may be a useful tool.

So, is it awesome, or stupid? For non-artists and those not particularly advanced in technology, the Apple Pencil is a complete waste of money. The idea of spending $900 for the iPad Pro and also the pencil is absurd. For those passionate about drawing and designing, it could possibly be the only thing missing from their career.

The argument for whether it is an “amazing invention” or a “stupid misuse of money” may go on for months. However the response usually falls from two different audiences; Artists, designers and architects who yearn for it, whilst most find it a silly, incredibly expensive creation. Will you be buying it?



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