FIFA Fun: FIFA 16 Improves for the Better

By: Riccardo M

EA continues to surprise and astonish with its advanced gaming technology. As 2016 is approaching, EA sports have been able to produce and release, what I consider to be, the best football-related game of all time: FIFA 16. From multiple viewpoints it can be considered revolutionary as FIFA 16 continues to excel in many aspects.

First of all, the graphics tend to improve each year in FIFA, but, this year, FIFA 16 has little to envy from reality. The game was produced with great attention to the graphics and, by examining each detail and comparing it to reality, we really see little difference. Take a look at the comparison of football-pitch grass below:

REALITY              FIFA 16
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 7.33.36 pm

Furthermore, apart from the graphics, we can specifically see excellence in the actual playing of the video-game. The FIFA 16 player movements tend to be identical to the ones of the actual champions. The new “No-Touch Dribbling” theory used for this game was made by having one of the best players in the world, Lionel Messi, captured using the motion capture technique in order to include his exact game skills in FIFA 16. The photo below shows the champion ready for action before being used for the game:


Other than that, the two fantastic FIFA gaming features continue to outstand: career mode and ultimate team. The most played element of the game (ultimate team) continues to deliver passion and fun to the gamers. There have been modifications in the transfer market availability (now on your phone or computer as well) and many more aspects as EA looks forward to having a more secure and fair play in their new game. Career mode, moreover, replicates reality and is quite closely associated to the real transfer market. The player scoutings tend to be quite more accurate and linked to the actual player characteristics. To not mention the amazing accessibility of playing prestigious friendly tournaments before the beginning of the league.


We can’t obviously forget to mention probably the biggest, new feature in FIFA 16: women’s football. This allows us to play using women teams and finally initializes the the game representation of women football. It makes this version of FIFA unique and extraordinary giving it a diversity and variety of features hard to equal.


So, in conclusion, EA Sports have again succeeded in producing a top-class video-game. FIFA 16 represents reality and we can easily refer to it as the best football-related game of the year 2015-2016. Enjoy the trailer below:



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