Heartbeats and Smartwatches

By: Tshiamo M

The Smartwatch, it is something we never thought would find its way to people wrists. It is replacing the watch and has also become more useful to people who are always on the go. One can finally say that computers are getting smaller and smaller. The first Smartwatch was created in 1972, by Pulsar, a company which was soon acquired by Seiko. Since then we have seen the idea of memory-based watches in Sci-Fi/Action movies such as Tron, Avatar and Men in Black.

Samsung created fully functional Smartwatch with an LCD screen in 2009. Ever since then companies like Garmin, Apple, LG, Sony, Windows and Asus have created their own Smartwatches, each aiming to give the people a better and different experience than their rivals. Today we have all sorts of Smartwatches, each one heading in its own direction. This can be seen from companies like Garmin who have created Smartwatches for GPS navigation, with their target audience being cyclists, runners and adventurers.  

In addition to being able to change your music from your wrist or answer your phone calls, there are only two things that separate Smartwatches from being fully self-functional devices. One, they need to be connected to a device in order to function. Two, it lacks an independent Internet connection. These are the two minor qualms that people may have about the Smartwatch. Furthermore, one of the discussions that people are having now is how Smartwatches are replacing watches. This replacement comes from the experience smartwatches bring, as well as it’s increasing usefulness, due to most Smartwatches providing more healthcare, leisure and information, in comparison to regular watches. Smartwatches have saved people’s lives and they do this by registering your heartbeat. One may say everything gets done in a heartbeat.

Lastly, Smartwatches have created their own hype and have become popular with celebrities such as Pharrell, tech critics and the “everyday man”. So to top things off, the Smartwatch is a device I would recommend for people who would like to be savvy or just want to make their lives easier.

By Tshiamo (Tish Tech)



  1. I really liked how you said and explained your ideas and facts. I also liked the fact that you suggested what changes should be made in order to make the smartwatches fully self functional devices.


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