Varsity Team

By: Isabella R
Joining the girls’ volleyball varsity team was for sure a great decision. When I decided to join I never thought it would turn out to be such a challenging yet so stimulating experience, both physically and mentally. Regular practice, daily from Monday to Thursday, is strenuous but proves to be very rewarding. During these practices not only do we exercise to better our techniques and improve our physical skills, but also most importantly we strengthen our team’s bond. In fact, one big characteristic of our varsity team is the strong team spirit, which all of us have acquired. The opportunity to build a friendship with people with whom we probably wouldn’t have had the possibility to acquaint in everyday school life is a great aspect of joining a varsity team. Our team union leads us to always be willing and ready to help and encourage each other in difficult moments. Our coach, D. Lafitte, ensures our performance as a team providing us with challenging practices to train our improving team. He also strongly motivates us at each game, reminding us to focus, be ready, do our best and have fun. Our team captains, seniors Gaia and Giulia also contribute to the motivation of our team, encouraging each member and behaving as strong leaders, strengthening our team through unity and encouragement. The team is composed 16 of girls from all grades, from freshmen to seniors, balancing the team with girls with more experience and girls with less, who all equally strive to achieve better results. For our games, we have the opportunity to travel to different cities to meet our opponents: until now we have traveled to Naples, Aviano and Florence, which all took us several hours of travel by bus. We also played two games at home, at Stella Azzura. In Naples and Aviano we had the chance to stay inside a military base, which is usually hardly accessible, this was a new experience for a lot of team members and we were all surprised by how incredible it was being in Italy and feeling like being in the US, because everything in the base is typically American, from the school to the fast-foods. When we travel, we sleep in a classroom, pushing the desks to the side and setting up all of our matresses to sleep and rest before our next game. Even though the girls’ team lost many games – most of the times being close to victory from only a few points, our constant improvement is demonstrated by the game we won against Florence (3-2) at Stella Azzurra in Rome on the third week of varsity! On the other hand, the boy’s team has not yet been defeated this season, and hopefully never will, as they have won every game! Now, our aim is to keep improving and give our best to beat our next opponents, and I can say for sure that I am very glad to have tried out for varsity at the beginning of the year: I advise everyone who loves or wants to further their knowledge on the different sports every season to give it a try.



  1. Wow I loved the article and it is very interesting and detailed which makes the article easier to read and to understand. I think I’ll try to get in the volleyball team this season!!


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