10 Reasons Why You Should Visit EXPO

By: Alice M

MILAN- From the very first Exposition held in London in 1851, the world’s fair has always left a mark on history.

It didn’t only change the landscape of a city, for example the Eiffel Tower ( built in 1887) in Paris that became the symbol of the city, but it also plays an important role in the field of economy.

  1. You get the chance learn about other countries’ cultures. Expo 2015 has more than 130 pavilions representing either an Italian state or a country, so there is no excuse to say “the line was too long” because there are other pavilions of countries that  you have probably never heard. My advice: don’t focus on Brazil, Italy, Japan or Austria where the line can even exceed 7 hours but visit other pavilions!!!!
  1. Observe the Pavilion’s architectural structure, if you are interested in architecture, or even if you aren’t. All of the 130 pavilions want to communicate a message through beautiful structures; for example Japan Pavilion’s is made of 17 thousands pieces of wood fitted together in order to let in natural sunlight. Brazil’s Pavilion connected thanks to a net that communicates the connection between countries.
  1. Taste different foods from all over the world!

Try new flavors that you can’t find everyday, like a Korean Kimchi or an Azerbaijan plov. Expo is an opportunity to eat foods from all over the world without having to travel across the world.

  1. Opportunity to visit Milan.

It isn’t only the city which is hosting Expo is also the capital of fashion and the city of the very famous Duomo. If you are visiting Expo I suggest you to go and see also Milan and visit the magnificent Duomo. If you are interested in fashion, you cannot lose the opportunity to visit one of the biggest mall in Italy: La Rinascente.  

  1. Expo is a mix between culture and shows. It is an experience for arts lovers thanks to the different

exhibitions, shows and musical events inside Expo. Visiting during the night time is also a whole ‘nother experience.

  1. Importance of food.

It is a way to understand how food is so relevant especially in difficult periods like this, where feeding is

beginning to lose it’s importance. In Europe and in the countries most developed food is thrown away and wasted, while in many parts of the world, food is not available for so many people. The Expo allows us to understand how to consume properly food in order to have a better world.

  1. Visit a real Austrian forest!

In the Austrian pavilion it is possible to visit a real Austrian forest. The forest has 600 mq of trees which are important because they give oxygen to the other plants, thanks to it’s huge plantation the atmosphere is five degree less than outside! It’s message: Air is Food.

  1. Expo by night

If you are planning to go to expo you cannot miss an opportunity to visit it by night; it is also the best way to visit it because there are not many visitors and so the lines are shorter, and you can even watch beautiful shows and see the “Life Tree” by night illuminated with different colors, lights and you can see the musical events organised by the professional staff of Expo!!!!

  1. Get to know people of different cultures

Expo is also an opportunity to get in touch with people that are coming from all over the world and while

waiting to enter in the different pavilions you can talk and get to know each other better. Although expo is extremely international, English is spoken by most of the visitors.

  1. You cannot miss this opportunity!!

The expositions happens every five years but probably in 2020 Italy will not host the next Exposition, so it is an opportunity that you cannot miss!!!

So…What are you waiting for?
Editor’s note:  The EXPO closed at the end of October, before the publication of this issue. The views expressed by the author should encourage readers to take the time to explore new cultures.



  1. Really good and interesting article! You obviously know a lot about your topic and you have done a lot of research on the EXPO. Informative and helpful.


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