By: Alya J

         It has four limbs, sometimes, usually lies on its back, hungrily gnaws at people’s hearts and commands our eyes to release their turbulent storms to quench its thirst. It constantly bears a treacherous torch with its icy inviting hands that is usually referred to as “the light”. It is cold to the touch and refuses to breathe in anything but human exhalations. It speaks all the languages known to man and is especially fluent in persuasion. The creature usually lingers silently next to an organized bed of roses, however, enjoys the smell of rotting flesh. Dancing to the violent screams of denial and humming to the repeated sobs that create a suffering song leaves this creature to be addicted to suffering’s miserable melody. It can’t be ignored and sometimes finds you in your dreams, specifically the dreams where you wake up in a daze reaching for what seemed to be your last breath or wiping the blood off your hands from the wound that you had only just two minutes ago. Some people see this creature as an end to one’s suffering, and some people consider this creature a beginning to life’s truest cruelties. Some people believe that this creature is the bridge to the exchanging of different worlds. Others believe that it is the bridge to a never-ending dreamless sleep. This is famously known as Death.

        Though Death always wins and can be the main cause of deprivation, it is constantly in a never-ending war with other creatures. These creatures are responsible for the laughter that makes your abdominal muscles ache the next day. These creatures sooth the cries of an aching heart and ask for nothing more than a box of chocolates. These creatures help you forget the agonizing moments of pain and are in the bleachers belting your name at each one of your games. Instead of holding the treacherous torch with long cold inviting hands some of them hold the sun on their shoulders screaming “It’s a new day!” and others hold a beaming beacon that is usually referred to as “the light at the end of the tunnel”. These creatures too are also multi-lingual however are extremely keen on the language of happiness. They ride on the Sun’s beaming waves and dance on your skin and down your back every time you hear a good song. Ever wonder where those goose bumps came from? These creatures exist to serve you in life and are better known as happiness, joy and comfort.

        It is inevitable that you will cross paths with these creatures. It is unavoidable that these creatures will be the reasons for your tears and euphoria. It all depends on how you make amends with these creatures and if you allow them to guide you through life’s exciting enjoyable unknown destination.



  1. I absolutely loved this article! It is a nice break from all the information-based articles, and it was very intriguing. Great use of tension and amazing plot twist!


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