By: Elena V

Last stop: Italy and Germany


ROME- They come every day in impressive numbers. They form huge masses: men, women and even children. They think here, they’ll find a different reality  from the one they leave behind. They believe in a better life, in work, in a more dignified life and less stunted. They have expectations, dreams, hopes and, like everyone else, would like to see them realized. They hope that one day, the hunger, misery and anguish for survival are henceforth, only memories.


Migrants arrive in Italy every day, often even in dreadful and unacceptable conditions of health, full of anxieties and fears. In most cases, they do not have documents with them; therefore, they are always ready and prepared to perform even the most ignoble and degrading jobs to make money. About half of the migrants that have arrived in Europe, according to the U.N. refugee agency, are Syrian; the vast majority of them traverse from Turkey to Greece and aim to reach Northern Europe (Germany, Austria and Sweden). On July 9th the UNHCR (the UN refugee agency) reported that the number of Syrian refugees has risen to over 4,000,000 people mostly settled in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. The other large portion of the migrants are Africans, who continually cross from Libya to Italy; they pass over the most lethal sea route that has so far killed more than 2,200 migrants this year. “The ship felt very much like a floating coffin,” Muhammad said. “Everybody was scared it would flip and we would drown.”

More than four million refugees of the Syrian Civil war have left their country. Turkey has become the world’s biggest refugee country with 2.1 million Syrian refugees, although over a third of urban refugees are not registered.

Now a days tens of thousands are pouring into Europe from war-torn areas in the Middle East and North Africa. The flow of asylum seekers from Syria and Iraq has now overwhelmed even in Germany and now it’s one of the Syrians refugees favored destination. Most of the Syrian refugees immigrate as a result of their infernal reality; they live in fear of the regime’s aerial attack even as they face the onslaught of ISIS. Due to this fear overall 4 million Syrians have fled the country. They consider the Western nations as their only escape from their abominable lives. The most notably preferred target is Germany; Syrians recognize it as a wealthy, welcoming land that will provide them with housing, schooling for their children and definitely plenty of jobs. Germans welcomed refugees with compassion and generosity. Germany continues to be the country with the largest asylum application requests, followed by France, Sweden, Italy and the United Kingdom.


Every year Italy harbors millions of migrants. It is of an extreme importance to be able to differentiate and subdivide them in two different categories; the war refugees and the economic ones. They are two undoubtedly distinct groups of people who immigrate and are driven by different UNHCR is trying to work to respond to asylum seekers specific needs and maintaining their dignity. They are also developing a way to ensure respect for the best interests of unaccompanied children in Europe. I strongly believe that the European Union should urgently act and as soon as possible find a solution to this unresolved global problem.



  1. Even though it is a sad topic, Elena conveyed a hopeful message and instead of leaving the reader worried, she gives them faith there will one day be a solution to this problem.


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