By: Azzura M

“And yes, as you probably could’ve guessed in this moment, I’ve decided in 2020 to run for president.”

        While accepting the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award rapper Kanye West surprised everyone, including his wife Kim Kardashian West with his bid to run for the American Presidency in 2020. Giving no previous interest in a political career, or indicating any further plans, the real question everyone was asking: Is this guy for real? The answer, given in true celebrity fashion. Yes he is.

As a follower of American politics I was curious to know more about the practicalities of his bid for election. What party would he run for? What would his main aims be? All these questions, and in many cases answers, circled the internet for weeks to follow. Public fascination was at an all time high, as not only did America’s royal family show their public support, for those unsure of course that means The Kardashians, but important political figures publicly recognized Kanye as a serious candidate. President Barack Obama gave Kanye some “advice” about entering the White House, joking that being part of a reality TV show is good practice for politics. Hillary Clinton, ex First Lady, Secretary of State and current candidate for the 2016 elections also commented on Kanye’s run, joking on the Jimmy Fallon Show that if she were running for re-election in 2020 she would ask him to wait for another four years.

According to the American Constitution in order to run for Presidency one must be: at least 35 years old, a resident of the US for at least 14 years and a natural-born citizen. With these being the only official requirements, Kanye West is completely eligible to run. In answer to the first question, of what political party would he run for? West would most probably run as a Democrat. Both him and his wife have been outspoken in their support for both Barack Obama and current Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, with Kim famously posting a selfie with the hash tag: #HilaryforPresident. In terms of his main points, tackling Racism would without a doubt be an important issue, in 2005 West publicly criticized George Bush for his approach to racial issues, saying “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Other main issues that he could tackle would be the re-distribution of public funding; America currently spends five times more on prisons than it does on education, with over 2.2 million inmates it has the largest population of people in jails. In his song Power released in 2010, Kayne claims: “The system broken, the school’s closed, the prison’s open” Kayne clearly states that educating the masses should take priority, if handled correctly, it would without a doubt be a popular aim among the American population. Finally, his single Murder to Excellence addresses an extremely controversial topic in America at the moment, Mass Shootings. West would not only aim to control weapons, but address the culture that allows mass shootings to be seen as a normality.

Therefore, could Kanye West really become the President of the United States of America? The real answer is, who Knows! But if Donald Trump can be the front-runner in the 2016 elections, then in reality, anyone can. So welcome Kanye West to the circus that is American Politics.



  1. This is quite an amazing analysis of Kanye presidential situation. Though I wonder how his leadership would affect the country and to a greater degree the world. And since America has quite an opinionated population I wonder how they would react. Kanye: “Sorry Taylor, but Azzura had the best article of all time!” 🙂


  2. I like how the article started out with a quote; it really got me interested and made me want to read on. The hashtag was a nice modern twist to the title as well!


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