La Vie En Rose

By Lena M

PARIS – As you walk down the beautiful stone paths, you can’t help but feel elated by the smell of baguettes tickling your nose. To your left, you see the Eiffel Tower stretching up to touch the heavens with a strong, cold finger. To your right, you see a beautiful garden of roses and sweet accordion music coming from the cafès. Start off your day in Paris by going to the the top of the Eiffel Tower to absorb a unique view of Paris.To come to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, is like visiting Rome without seeing the Colosseum. The Eiffel Tower is Paris’ Colosseum. To date it is undoubtedly the most visited monument in Paris. The summit of the Eiffel Tower gives an immaculate view of Paris. For an experience even more defined by sites, treat yourselves to a meal in the restaurant  located on the 1st floor. The most popular street in Paris is the Les Champs Elysees Street; it is a massive stretch and there are loads of shops. If you are interested in buying something unique and french you should go there. There is a small cafe situated in the middle of the Champs Elysees, and you can have a cup of delicious hot chocolate, sit next to the bar and take in your At the end of the day you should buy tickets for a touristic boat and you will finally be able to see the acclaimed “Paris at Night”. It is astounding and everything is illuminated. After you can have dinner in a cozy restaurant with traditional french dishes which will consist of “fouagra” and after “grenouilles”- frogs. This may seem very weird but they are wonderful.

     Start your second day with a visit to Notre Dame on the right bank of the Seine. These you need to see for sure. In the heart of Paris a building rises majestically to the sky. This Pearl French Gothic architecture is the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. With one tour of the construction, the majestic Cathedral of Notre-Dame will take your breath away with its magnificent interior decoration. For centuries, this building served as a venue for royal marriages, Imperial coronations and lush national funerals.


La Vie En Rose
After the Pompidou Centre, you can continue your walk to the Louvre, but follow the Rue de Rivoli; the Louvre is located between the Seine and the Rue de Rivoli. On the road, you are constantly encompassed by numerous shops. Even if you don’t have time to visit the Museum, go into the courtyard of the Louvre Museum and marvel at the architectural ingenuity. Continuing on, you will be taken to the Tuileries Gardens. On the left bank of the Seine, opposite Tûl′iri, the Museum D’orsay of Impressionist-a former station is perfectly visible from the garden. Continuing along the Tûl′iri, you can go to the Place de la Concorde and can admire Using the Concorde Metro station you can reach Montmartre: just take the 12th line. You should stop at Abbesses, and you will find yourself in the heart of this district, the key sights of Montmartre. Montmartre is one of the most famous districts of Paris. Many famous painters, artists, musicians, and artists have lived and still live here. For example, the extremely popular cabaret is here. The most famous cabaret is “Moulin Rouge.” In order to get a ticket to this cabaret, one needs to be purchased in advance. The best way to buy tickets are on their official websites, because kiosks and hotels tickets will cost you more. On the sites you will be able to buy tickets from 100 euro on the view and from 160 euros per submission. Of course, the ticket price is expensive, but the show is definitely worth it. The famous French cabaret is a must see while in Paris. The first two submissions begin at 21:00 every day, and the second at 23:00. They are in Paris and other cabaret tickets there will be slightly cheaper. You can visit the cabaret Lido it is designed in the tradition of Las Vegas or Cabaret “Folies Bergère”, which is the oldest Music Hall in Paris, but the most daring rooms can be found in the cabaret “Crazy Horse”. All of them are extremely beautiful and this kind of show can only be truly seen in Paris. You can finish your second day and the last of your sightseeing by watching cabaret and maybe having a dinner Paris is a beautiful city with amazing monuments and culture; when in Paris one must remember that the guide can’t show everything. One must remember to have fun and do things that they find entertaining, and in Paris there is no shortage of entertainment from standing over the country from the Eiffel Tower to having a magnificent cabaret show. So with all of these attractions, Paris is a perfect tourist destination.



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