By: Sofia V

One direction, the biggest band in the world, are now releasing their brand new album, on November 13, called “Made in the a.m.”.


Their fifth album, that contains 17 tracks, is their longest record until now, and they have already revealed all their tracks titles during some Snapchat videos.

  1. Hey Angel
  2. Drag Me Down
  3. Perfect
  4. Infinity
  5. End Of The Day
  6. If I Could Fly
  7. Long Way Down
  8. Never Enough
  9. Olivia
  10. What A Feeling
  11. Love You, Goodbye
  12. I Want To Write You A Song
  13. History
  14. Temporary Fix
  15. Walking In The Wind
  16. Wolves
  17. A.M.


We know that Niall Horan’s favourite song by now is “never enough” and that Harry Styles created the title for one of the songs.

During the past weeks there was a rumour that said that “made in the a.m.” stands for made in the after Malik, and after a short period of time, the One Direction music producer Julian Bunetta, affirmed that there’s going to be a song about losing someone, that isn’t Zayn Malik.

This leaves us with one question, is this all true? Or are we right about the new album’s choice of the title?

Talking again about the new songs, during an interview with One Direction, Liam Payne reveals some lyrics to us, and they say:

“I live for you

I love for you

You’ll never know we live in love for”

Other than that, he also explains that they are all very proud of this album, and that apart from being the best one so far, this is the first one, where they really worked together writing all the songs and the music.

“The best thing about the album is that we all of kind went away in different directions, actually on road we’ve had a lot of different people that kind of brought it all together, so I guess that’s why it’s our favourite, and the best one we’ve ever written on together” ~ Liam Payne


According to many sources there’s a conflict between one of the members of the band, Louis Tomlinson, and the Canadian Pop star, Justin Bieber, because both of them are releasing their album the 13 of November. “They’re not really going on the road much, but we’re talking about them right now, so it gives them some promo, right?” This is what Justin Bieber says without even knowing that they’re in the middle of their world tour, “On the road again”.

“That’s probably why they did it… I think it was a strategy on their part because my release date was first.”

After announcing his new album, Justin Bieber shares a photo on Instagram, where he tattooed the word “Purpose”, that eventually symbolises One Direction’s action, ‘against him.’  


In the last month, people have asked themselves if One Direction, are going to break up, but I am sorry for all kind of haters: NO, they’re not.

They are actually going to take a one-year break, after these immense five years of hard work, to take a moment to think for themselves too and stay with their families.


In conclusion, we are all very excited about this new album, and we can’t wait to listen to it and we’re also all very curious to see what is going to happen in the fight between the two big celebrities, Justin Bieber and Louis Tomlinson.

As my last announcement, if you are interested in One Direction’s album, if you pre-order it, you can get the new song “Infinity” straight away.



  1. Even though I am not a fan of One Direction, I really enjoyed reading this article and I think I am going to listen to their new album!!!


  2. I like how you used quotes from the band members themselves and gave us their opinion as well as informing us about their new album! Very nice spin to a music article!


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