Trip Tips

By: Francesca S

Due to my frequent vacations and trips, I have accumulated sufficient information to be able to create a concise list of travel tips and essentials. There are few things you might have found really bothersome while packing. Maybe you didn’t have enough space for that one pair of shoes? Or you didn’t notice that the hotel was actually quite far from the airport. Whatever the case may be there is a solution to these things, of course you have to organise yourself in time and efficiently first!


As previously mentioned you really need to be prepared on time when travelling. What is best to do is to create a checklist of things to bring and do for the trip. You can add things like types of clothing, luggage preparation (i.e. check luggage weight), specific toiletries, food or snacks and documents. As you put these things aside, you start checking off the list.

Public transport

If you are outside your country, public transports are surprisingly an easy way to get around the city. For instance, metro stops are usually near a famous square or monument, and in most cases (let’s not take Rome!) they are well organised structures to move around in and to find a line’s stop. Personally, I find those of Barcelona, London and Bruxelles very efficient and clear. Also, always ask the hotel for their maps, they are usually in English and easy  to follow.


Whether you are travelling by train, car, airplane or you are on a road trip, a backpack or large purse is always handy! Inside you would have your documents, money, phone, water bottle, scarf (it is actually very helpful, especially in airplanes if you are cold), a basic change, a book or an iPod and headphones.


Bringing many pairs of shoes is never recommended! They take up space a lot of space and probably only one or two are comfortable. When thinking about shoes think of quality over quantity, you’d rather have comfy, sporty shoes for sight-seeing rather “fashionable” flat shoes. Do always try to think of shoes that could be used on more than one occasion: packing light is one of your aims!


Lunch is often considered one of the most important meals of the day and when abroad you want to pick the best restaurant to go to. Those near tourist attractions are most likely to have typical food but they receive a big crowd and the quality isn’t its best. Meanwhile, going to one in more local places or others in neighbourhoods usually guarantees a better quality and the price is lower too! Yet, in other cases if the parking lot is full, the restaurant has good reviews on TripAdvisor, the place is probably worth the wait.

Basic sunscreen protection

It might seem useless, especially in winter, but if you go skiing it is helpful and it keeps your skiing hydrated too. During summer it is quite useful, starting your vacation sun burnt isn’t the best.

Note taking

You might go volunteer in some place very far away from home, or just travel a bit with friends, but it is always nice to record some memories or special experiences. For that, you want to have a notebook and a pen, a laptop and camera with the connecting wire. What happens is that you might find yourself capturing a
moment you didn’t expect and you always want a pen and paper or a photo camera next to you to remember it forever.


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