By: Alya J.

“I had the weirdest dream.”

“What was it about?”

“Well, I think it was about the age of ignorance.”

“Yes, that was a difficult time but it is not spoken or taught of. How did it seem?”

“Well, it was an interesting place full of contradictions and incongruences. I now understand how mankind was so ignorant.”

“Tell me more, brother.”

“Well firstly in my dream I lived with a woman, a man and a sister. I am guessing that they were my family members. They used terms I did not understand. For example when dinner was being served, the girl screamed “that’s sick mom!” and smiled and the woman smiled back with approval, however the dinner was splendid. Also, they then complimented the food by saying it was out of this world! I thought people at the age of ignorance disapprove the extraterrestrial! ”

“Yes, that is weird. Why would the girl use such a vulgar term for an appetizing meal?”

“I have no idea. Another interesting thing was when we left the house to head to the airport, it was like I was being suffocated by the earth itself.”

“What do you mean brother?”

“Well, the air was just so adulterated we had to walk around with face masks all the time but I still felt like I was attached to an unwanted creature who found pleasure with his hands around my lungs.”

“I think during that time it was called air pollution.”

“Yes I think so too. Another weird thing was this concept called money.”


“Yes, Money, sister.”

“I’ve never heard of that before.”

“Yes it seemed as if everything consisted of it, transportation, food, clothes even education. You needed to give it to people but you first needed it to be given to you.”

“Was it some kind of heirloom?”

“That’s an interesting way to look at it but now. It wasn’t that important but it was in a way. It was either just a piece of paper that was easily torn or circular metal chips that came in different sizes and colors.”


“Yes paper?”

“So basically the world ran off unimportant important pieces of paper?”

“Yes but there weren’t even that many trees. I think I saw one or two.”

“That’s weird brother.”

“I know sister. Do you want to hear something even weirder?”

“Most certainly.”

“Well, people had to have and renew this small books called passports that allowed them to visit members of our own species across artificially conceived borders.”

“So you had a passport?”

“I had a passport.”

“And you needed money to buy this passport to meet other humans that were in other places that could possibly kick you out because you didn’t have a small book.”


“That’s odd.”

“Yes, it was odd.”

“Can you tell me one last weird thing before we have to go to school?”

“The people of ignorance had one thing right and it was called art. It made you feel things inside. Sometimes it would make you happy, sad or think or feel like you could do anything and it was food to all of your hungry senses. You could hear art, feel art smell art, see art and even taste art.”

“Why don’t we have art?”

“Because with every flaw there is its own rare beauty, but we cannot have flaws.”


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