Medieval in the Heart of Citizens

By: Lena M.

In Great Britain, the words “remember knowingly the 5th November day!” have been passed down by word of mouth for centuries. It all began in 1605 when a group of conspirators decided to blow up the houses of Parliament in a speech of King James the first. Guy Fox was instructed to burn the valve leading to 36 powder barrels. If the barrel exploded that killed not only the people are in the building but also near the building. The criminal’s plan went awry and Guy Fawkes was caught and after torture he gave all the names of the conspirators/his friends to be exact. The failed conspiracy that could result in a tragedy has become the bustling English served in celebration. When people heard about arson that did not take place, they were very excited and started celebrating burning bonfires and burning effigies Guy Fawkes. Nowadays this day became one of the main festivals in England. Mystery and Devil period still remain in the hearts of citizens.

I got out of my car and there I was – at the sea front with only the moon shining brightly above my head. The excitement around me was muted by how fast my heart was beating. I saw all those people around me and thought: ‘What should I expect from this night?’ New acquaintances or may be just some people who will live tonight with me and forget me by tomorrow morning. I stepped on the amazingly cold sand and it sent shivers down my spine. ‘This night is going to be fun!’ – I thought and was ready for a new adventure.

It was exactly midnight and there were flames from bonfires as far as the eye could see. A single beautiful and fast burning scarecrow stood in the center of every bonfire. Later everyone started to dance while children shared horror stories about Guy Fawkes. The streets were filled with people and it was almost impossible to walk in spite of the fact that the streets were very large and wide.

It was a dark and scary night but despite it all, all the lights and the music made the night bright with fun and mystery. Everyone knew about the holiday and when I passed along the main street, I noticed that all the restaurants were crammed with people, and almost every restaurant waiters wore costumes that attracted great attention from passers-by.

Time flowed very quickly and it was soon the end of the holiday. People started to quietly disperse but in one minute I heard ‘ bang bang ‘ I was quite terrified because it was incredibly sudden, but one of the passers-by told me to look at the sky. Firecrackers of every color filled the sky with sparks and iridescent light. It was probably the most magnificent and one of the most memorable things from my trip to England. I learnt the story behind the celebration a few hours later. The story about Guy Fawkes was insanely intriguing what and this beautiful trip will stay with me forever.


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