Moto GP

By. Marta A.

On 25th of October 2015 after the Sepang MotoGP 2015, not only motorcycle fans but also political figures such as Renzi and Rajoy and other sports fans and athletes have all taken sides of either Marquez or Rossi, but what is the true story and have the MotoGP officials said and done? Since the ultimate goal for riders is to win the MotoGP title that will be awarded after the race in Valencia on the 7th of November I, who am half Spanish and half Italian, therefore torn on who to side with, have decided to write about the race in Sepang the week before and right after the race in Cheste.

Before the race in the circuit of Cheste,Valencia

Some say Valentino Rossi kicked Marquez- Others say Marquez leaded on Rossi and that Rossi’s leg came of his motorcycle as a reaction. The big discussion is even more interesting when keeping in mind that Marquez cannot win the championship anymore because he has lost too many points in previous races. Only Rossi and Lorenzo are the only two racers that can still win the world title. If Marquez had nothing to win why did he get involved? Well there are two versions to the story. Rossi, previous to the Sepang race, stated that Marquez wants Lorenzo to win because he is still angry with Rossi for the incidences in previous races (Argentina, and Assen) that have made him lose points. According to Marquez he just wants to win the individual races. The tension between the two racers has been increasing through out the season and with this occurrence conspiracies have gone wild.

After the Sepang race officals met with Márquez and Rossi to hear their side of the story. When they saw each other Rossi scarstically said to Márquez that he did a good race and Márquez answer nice kick. Most MotoGP punishments for any infraction can be summarized in seven words: will be decided by the MotoGP officials. This leads to highly subjective punishments. Officials decided that Rossi was going to start from the back on the grid in Cheste, the next and final race of the championship. This made Rossi fans go mad stating that it was too harsh of a punishment. Rossi even made an appeal to the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) to suspend his sanction but they did not. Another controversy arose when Lorenzo did the same but for different reasons. . He appealed to the CAS for the sanction not being harsh enough. Yamaha, which is the team Rossi and Lorenzo both race in, scolded Lorenzo for doing given that he had nothing to do with the incident and mostly because Rossi is his team mate.

After the race in Cheste

After weeks of anticipation the day finally arrived, 8th November 2015 in Valencia. The most important race of the year was about to take place. A world title was at stake. After the Moto3 race, where Danny Kent won the 125cc world title was the Moto2 where Rabat won and after that was the MotoGP race. Rossi started in the back of the pack 24 positions and 75 meters behind Lorenzo who started in the pole position. As soon as the race started Valentino Rossi started over taking people very quickly until he got to the fourth position where he was too far away from the Hondas (Team made up of Dani Pedrosa and Marc Márquez) to finish in a podium position. For this reason it came down to the top 3 riders: Lorenzo, Márquez, and Pedrosa. Lorenzo could end up first or second and still win the world title as long as Rossi stayed fourth. Some say that Márquez could surely have over taken Lorenzo and Pedrosa maybe could have too. This leads to the assumption that the Spaniards, Márquez and Pedrosa, were on Lorenzo side. Lorenzo ended up winning and taking the world championship. Later Lorenzo said that they were Spanish like himself and this might have influenced the race. Rossi said that he would have like to compete in normal conditions. This is the end of a crazy MotoGP season; can’t wait for next season where hopefully there will be more exciting battles on the track.


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