Out of the Ordinary: Oculus Rift

By Arna M

Every year, video games become more and more popular amongst children, teens and even adults. For centuries, programmers and inventors have been finding ways to improve video game quality and make the experience superior overall.  Despite High Definition and the most realistic graphics mankind has ever seen, some, like Palmer Luckey, are just never satisfied.

In 2011, Luckey was “frustrated” with the poor “inadequacy of the existing head-mounted displays”. In short, he was looking to create something revolutionary which would refine the gaming experience. Consequently, an 18-year-old Palmer created his first prototype in his parents’ garage. For 10 months, he created multiple types such as the 3D stereoscopy, wireless, and extreme 270-degree field of view. Each and everyday he decreased the size and weight of the Oculus. _ _ _ _

As soon as he had created the “Rift”, he started a Kick-starter page to fund this new piece of technology, aiming for about 100 interested customers. When he noticed that thousands of people were drawn to the product, he dropped out of college. This all motivated him to create the fascinating final product.

This product has started a revolutionary trend, not only in the world of gaming, but also in the world of advanced technology and technical engineering. The Oculus Rift does not only have to be used for gaming, but can also be used plainly for fun and discovering new places. One can see any scenery desired.

A similar headset was used in Duke Dumont’s music video for “I Got U”. Fine Brothers Entertainment has also featured the Oculus Rift in “React” episodes in which teens and elders test it. It has received lots of advertisement and has intrigued multiple celebrities when the Game of Thrones cast tested it at Comic Con in San Diego this summer.

Sadly, it is not yet on sale for the public, but it will be available early 2016. It will cost around 500-600$. The product will be compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10, which is bad news for Play Station owners…

Luckey has become the “father of virtual gaming”. He is currently working hard on preparing the sales of the Oculus Rift and is excited to announce that preorders will be taken late this year.


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