The Spiderman Franchise: Third Bite’s a Charm

By: Kristen O.

Recently Marvel started working alongside Sony and they are currently working on a new Spiderman Series. Sony was very successful in the box office due to their actor choices. Andrew Garfield, who portrayed Peter Parker AKA Spiderman, and Emma Stone, who portrayed Gwen Stacy, attracted many fans to watch these movies because of their portrayals and their chemistry on screen. When Marvel bought back Spiderman, they announced that they were replacing Andrew Garfield with Tom Holland for the role of Spiderman which brought up a lot of controversy, and caused many fans to not want to watch the new Spiderman.

A lot of Spiderman fans are now conflicted, because this would be the third time a new actor portrayed the role of the iconic Spiderman. The one who started it all off: Tobey Maguire; was cast the role of Peter Parker in 2002 and portrayed this character for 3 consecutive movies which all added up to the first Spiderman Series. Ten years later, the role of Spiderman was passed on to Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spiderman Series, consisting of 2 movies. And now they announced that July 28th 2017, the new Spiderman movie would hit theaters.

Sony and Marvel are working alongside each other for the publication of the new Spiderman Series and they are also trying to incorporate the character of Spiderman in other marvel franchises such as “The Avengers”. It has also been said that Marvel was planning on launching the Civil War comics, which also hints us that Spiderman might have an appearance in “Captain America: Civil War” which hits box offices next year.

Marvel seems to have a notable trend of launching actors’ careers, for example, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Pratt or even Spiderman’s own Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Will Tom Holland be the next marvel star? Will he be following in their footsteps? Or will he be the one to break the trend?

Who do you think should portray the Amazing Spiderman? Should they continue with Andrew Garfield or should they give Tom Holland a chance? Do you have any other candidates you think would fit the role? Email us at and check out the results in our next issue.




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