AS Roma

By: Andrea M

It is the 30th of August, around 5 P.M., 1 hour until the game starts. The stadium is filling up, as tension is building, and everyone is ready for the big match: Roma vs. Juventus, a game that in the last 2 seasons would decided who the “scudetto” would be handed over to. This year, it came very early, and because it happened this early, it won’t matter much., but everyone wants to win, and you can feel it. The whole stadium can feel it.

You’re probably wondering how the game ended. In short, thanks to Miralem Pjanic and Edin Dzeko, Roma managed to win 2-1 against Juventus. This game resulted in a crisis. Of course, coming from a disappointing draw 1-1 against Hellas Verona, the win against Juve gave AS Roma a lot of confidence, but how did the following games go? The third Serie A game of Roma’s season was against Frosinone, a team which was promoted this year. Roma managed to win 2-0 because of goals by Iago Falque and Iturbe. Next stop, was the first game of the Champions League groups: the big match against Barcelona, at home. This game ended 1-1, Roma managed to draw thanks to a rare, beautiful and surprising goal by Alessandro Florenzi from the midfield, which has been celebrated for long and is considered one of the best Champions League goals of all time. Coming from this great performance, against the team which is considered the best in the world, Roma was very self-confident, maybe too self confident, since in the next two Serie A games against Sassuolo and Sampdoria, they managed to get only 1 point against the “Neroverdi”. However, on the game against Carpi the following Saturday, Roma answered to criticism and won 5-1, thanks to goals from Manolas, Pjanic, Gervinho, Salah and Digne. What happened next? Unfortunately, Roma lost unexpectedly against Bate Borisov 3-2. The next two games had Roma winning against Palermo and Empoli, making 6 points easily in Serie A. Nevertheless, after Empoli’s game there was Bayer Leverkusen yet to play against, the first two games which would not decide, but heavily condition Roma’s qualification. The game ended 4-4, after Roma threw away 3 points in the last 5 minutes. They were winning 4-2, when due to their lack of concentration and determination of Bayer Leverkusen, they made 2 goals in 3 minutes. Now, in the return match, Roma had only one possible result if they wanted to make the qualification still possible: victory. In the next game, the big match against Fiorentina, Roma won 3 by Salah and Gervinho, even though conceding a goal in the last minute. Now, after this victory, Roma were by themselves. They kept the lead in the next game against Udinese by winning 3-1, but lost it in the following game against Inter, where the “Neroazzurri” won because of goals by Medel and surpassed Roma in the league table. Finally, it was time for the Bayer Leverkusen return game, where, this time, Roma won 3-2 because of a penalty scored by Miralem Pjanic in the last 10 minutes. Roma’s next game before a 2 week break for the national team, was the derby, the most important match for the supporters of both Roma and Lazio. The match, on November 8th, was in Roma’s favour. The team didn’t struggle in finding the first goal with Edin Dzeko storing a penalty in the 10th minute and Gervinho doubling in the second half, even though they had to deal with important absences. Now, there are a lot of important games to come, but AS Roma has the talent to win them all. If they remain concentrated throughout the game, they can definitely pull it off.


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