European Cross Country Championship- Baumholder Germany 31st October

By Denise D.

I am the new and proud coach of the Marymount International school Rome Cross country team, a team where six competitors achieved their personal best to earn their place to represent MMI at the European Cross Country Championships. When I first heard their resonating war cries at our first meet, I knew that this team would be a sure contender at the championships. This team runs together with heart, sportsmanship and shear grunt because they have been together for many years and they have established an unorthodox weekly training regime. It comprises of interval training against the angry cinghiale (wild boars) which builds agility and speed, obstacle training through overgrown spikey blackberry bushes to build pain resistance and hill repeats dodging the cars on the busy school driveway for building spatial awareness.

All six competitors have continued to improve their times each week that any one of them could surprise the top contenders. Riccardo will use his speed and experience as an advantage, Ruben has determination and a consistent pace that will be hard to beat, Umberto hungers to chase his competitors down, Lorenzo uses his speed at crucial points of the course to surprise competitors, Roberto has long strides that favours downhill running to gain ground and Simone finishes strong and doesn’t stop until the job is done. Riccardo, Ruben and Simone are in their final year at school so these championships will be very sentimental. They have been outstanding role models for the team and have paved the way for the junior runners, Umberto, Lorenzo and Roberto to be the best competitors they can be regardless of where they finish.

Cross Country Season Round Up

After 8 weeks, Marymount International School Cross Country team finished their season proudly with all runners achieving their personal best times, six team members made it to the European Championships in Germany.

Giulio S. as a senior and leader, ran with passion and led the Royal roar before many races.

Selina B. was a positive team member who ran her best at every meet.

Paz C. overcame many challengers and improved her running time.

Tshiamo M. final running season was sentimental and inspirational to the team.

Francesca S. ran with tenacity, always finishing strong.

Rachele B. is a determined runner who persistently pushed through challenges on the tracks.

Eiade E., despite injuries, was a positive and cohesive team member

If you are interested in running or need to improve your fitness for other sports, the MMI cross country team will be looking for new members in the next season 2016, see Ms Valentini or Ms De Paoli.


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