Season Review

By: Simone F.

The autumn season of varsity sports has terminated, and as the days become shorter and the leaves slowly stop falling, a new season has already begun. However, even as the basketball term is about to begin, it is important to look back on what has been one of the most successful seasons in the past decade for the school.

First of all, we can proudly display some silverware for our endeavors, in the form of a well-deserved second place in boys’ volleyball. As I wrote in my previous article, “the sky [was] the limit” and not even the most optimistic of people would have predicted a placement of this calibre at the start of the season. The team performed strongly and consistently over a period of two months and thoroughly deserved this honor. The only hint of bitterness can be identified in the identity of the winners, who are the same team that vanquished the royals’ soccer team in the finals last year. Five players were on the losing side on both occasions, but I know from having encountered them personally after the tournament that they won’t let a third loss be the case come the soccer season in May. In a similar way, the girls improved upon last year’s performances, and finished the season strongly in Germany. One of the shining lights in the team this year was junior Cathie Campbell, demonstrating the importance of her outstanding performances by being voted on both the regional and all-star teams.

As for cross-country, the team I have been a part of for the past two years, there was also an exponential growth. Last year only two went to the finals as individuals, whilst this year we were able to field a team of six, who went on to compete in the finals in Baumholder, Germany. However, it was not just in Germany that we competed, but managed to perform consistently throughout the regular season in Italy. This was demonstrated statistically with everyone dropping several minutes from his or her first race and with Marymount being competitive. We in fact won the first race, and came second in all but one of the others. Most of all however, we grew together as a group, and although I’m sure the same happened with the volleyball teams, I can confidently state that the cross country team became somewhat of a second family for me during those two months

Overall, this season can be viewed as extremely positive if put in contrast with last season where scarce results were obtained. Many would be overjoyed and completely satisfied by a second place finish in boys’ volleyball and participation in Germany for both the girls’ volleyball and boys’ cross country. Personally however, I view this as only a stepping-stone for success in the coming months and in future years.



  1. Nice article with a good message. Less clumsy punctuation mistakes and some mention of the tennis team, however, would have improved the article 🙂


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