Two Big Pieces of Technology

By: Riccardo M.

The iPhone 6S and the Samsung Galaxy S6, the epitome of rivalry, are the most recognized archenemies of 2015. Which might be better? Which succeeds in confirming itself “an amazing smartphone?” Let’s look in detail at the different characteristics that the two phones have.


To start us off, the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes in two different types. The S6 edge and the standard version. It has a Gorilla Glass screen, making projected images and features remarkably sharp, considering the QHD AMOLED display. This HD feature, leaves little difference from reality and makes images alive and lively, especially in regards to color. Furthermore, the phone’s battery is one of the best batteries around. Its wireless charging pack allows the phone to recharge anywhere, in any sort of situation with incredible comfort. Going to work and forgot to charge your phone last night? No problem! The new charging pack will resolve your dilemma. Not to forget the design, The S6 edge+ has a metallic plating around its edges that contrasts the sleek and flawless glass screen. This also further fortifies the phone’s rear. We can also find a massive improvement in its 5-megapixel front-facing camera and 16-megapixel back-facing camera. This allows the photographer to take photos quickly and in high definition.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6S, in my opinion gives the Galaxy S6 a run for its money. The Multi-Touch is a new revolutionary idea. The included the 3D touch feature allows the device to recognize how hard a user presses and react accordingly. This increases the accessibility of different elements on the phone and facilitates quicker use. But how can we forget about the camera? The 12-megapixel-iSight camera captures photos in incredibly precise ways. Additionally, it includes videos with 4K. The 5-megapixel cameras make selfies unique and original each time they are taken. The phone is able to show the movements done before and after a photo is actually taken, making the user able to relive memories fully and re-enter the past moment. Moreover, the new A9 chip inside of the device, performs tasks that were originally only possible on desktop computers. CPU and GPU performances are improved making games run smoother and better to play. The back design of the phone has been made with a 7000 series aluminum and the front glass is the strongest there is, that can be attached to a gold, grey or silver back, giving the phone great color variety. With more advanced security and faster internet or WIFI we can, even in this case, say: What a phone!

Therefore, by comparing the two, we can find many similarities in the devices. Both phones are advanced smartphones, thus creating a lot of competition between the companies. The Samsung might have a more original design, but the iPhone has the unique multi-touch figure that the Samsung doesn’t. The phones have amazing qualities and both can be said to be fantastic new, technological devices. Aspects that are better in one phone need improving in the other but prove how much technology is developing and how incredible machines like these, can be produced. There isn’t an actual winner although we can easily say that the competition is a tie between the two phones. I guess it’s just up to personal opinions in deciding which is better.


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  1. A few punctuation and word usage mistakes which distract the reader from the actual quality of the article. Great idea with lots of detail; this is a really interesting article which is very informative.


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