Apple Watch vs Samsung Gear S2: The Showdown

By: Arna M

              In October 2015, the Samsung Gear S2 was released, becoming strong competition for the Apple Watch, which was released in April. Recently, watches have become very popular and, when used, these watches are a big change to our lifestyle. They are helpful on the go and always present on your wrist for your convenience.

        But the big question is: which one is better? Both watches prove very useful and prominent in the world of technology, but when deciding which to buy, one must come to a conclusion and weigh out their pros and cons.

        In 2014, Samsung introduced the Samsung Gear S, but the public did not respond and the watch did not get much attention. In fact, some don’t even know that it exists. Once Apple presented the Apple Watch, Samsung got to work and developed a new, different model, hoping to beat Apple.

        The Apple Watch is the first new product introduced since Steve Jobs’ death. Being an advanced product, its price ranges from $549 (The 38mm Stainless Steel Case) to $17,000 (It’s true… the 38mm 18-Karat Yellow/Rose Gold Case). Its design is made to be suitable for everyone, with many colors and changeable wristbands. It weighs about 3 ounces and is suitable for any occasion.

        The Apple Watch’s main function is to deliver notifications. It is compatible with all of Apple’s standard apps (Messages, Notes, Phone, etc.) and also Twitter, Instagram, Uber and CNN. The watch consists of a digital crown, which serves to scroll and navigate, and also a side button, to power off and on. Apple also introduced the Taptic Engine, a “linear actuator” inside of the Apple Watch, whose purpose is to tap the wearer on the wrist when receiving a notification.

        Additionally, it included a Heart Rate Sensor and an accelerometer, which makes the watch perfect for exercise. With the Exercise app, you can set personal goals for calorie burn and movement and is there to help you celebrate progress updates and achievements. It also includes a GPS and Maps, helping you navigate around town solely with your watch. Even though it’s not perfect (we’ll get to that in a bit), it has multiple advantages and is, without a doubt, a brilliant device.

        As with everything, the Apple Watch has its cons. Firstly, it’s pricy. You’ll need $549+ and must also have an iPhone with iOS 9. Additionally, unless you choose the 3G option (which costs extra), you will not be able to be away from your phone for a long time, so replacing your iPhone with the Apple Watch is a no-no. Secondly, the Apple Watch has poor battery life, hence, if you miss a day of charging, the watch will need to stay at home (I’m not happy about it either).

        Furthermore, like all 1st generations by Apple, it is far from being perfect. The watch is not compatible with all apps in the App Store and has multiple bugs, which still have to be worked out. Usually, Apple really succeeds in the 2nd generation, so you might want to wait a year.

        Sounds great, right? But is it better than the Samsung Gear S2? IODHJKFJH:ZGD

        The Samsung Gear S2 was recently released, and is similar to the Apple Watch, but has many unique attributes. The basic model costs $299, whilst The Gear S2 Classic costs $349, but both prices may vary depending on your carrier. Amazingly, Samsung did their homework and made sure that the Samsung Gear S2 works with nearly all Android phones, including Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Motorola and 10 other smartphones running on Android 4.4. Compared to the Apple watch, it’s a steal.

        Its design is very simplistic, a round watch face, interchangeable bands, designed in cooperation with designers from the team Atelier Mendini. Unlike the Apple Watch, you can download hundreds of new watch faces online, so the limits really are endless. The watch consists of three “buttons” used to navigate the watch: The bezel (which does the same thing as the digital crown, but at a more accessible place), the touchscreen (of course), and home and back buttons. It’s design is a vital part of its ability to succeed, and Samsung knows what they are doing.

        Unlike the iPhone, it is more capable of work rather than just notifications. However, it does not hold as many apps as Apple, but works with all of Samsung’s’ standard apps (Phone, messages, photos etc.). While working with these apps, and also those from the Google Play, you will be happy to know that the Samsung Gear S2 has great display, but, sadly, no auto brightness setting. This will surely be changed in the next watch, including the limited application support.

        Similar to the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear S2 has a special app called S Health, which tracks your daily activity levels, heart rate, and water vs. caffeine intake. It lets you select from various exercises when working out, and count your steps when strolling around your city.

        I know what you’re thinking. All this exercise must take up a lot of battery, right? But the Samsung Gear S2 has amazing battery life compared to the Apple Watch, plus, it comes with a really cute charging dock with wireless power. It’s a unique design with many special attributes that attract the eye.

        Well, so what? Which watch is better? Well, to be fair, the Samsung Gear S2 succeeds here. With it’s compatibility with all Android phones, amazing price, and only 2 actual cons (no auto brightness setting and limited application support, which will surely be fixed in the next model), we are very impressed by Samsung’s work. Both watches are a work in progress, but this time, Samsung got a head start (Sorry Apple). Though we are sure that the Apple Watch 2 will be a masterpiece, only one can reign, and the winner is the Samsung Gear S2.


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