Do Aliens Exist?

By: Riccardo M. 


A question that has been troubling the world for centuries: Do aliens exist? We, obviously, cant give a specific answer in such a short article, however, we can evaluate historical evidence about the presence of other living beings, similar to us today, to expand our individual opinions and choosing our standpoint.

We must start off with historical evidence related to this vast topic. Although many people may assume that this is absolute nonsense, they actually have no authority in stating such a biased answer, not having lived in the ancient world. As an example of historical proof, we can observe the painting The Madonna with Saint Giovannino as seen in the following picture:


It depicts Mary (the closest figure) with, behind her, a person with a dog looking up at the sky, seeming intrigued by the mysterious object floating between the clouds. As we can carefully detect, the object closely relates to our cultural conception and vision of the famous UFOs”, with an oval-shaped appearance almost exactly like the ideas we have today. How might we know if our modern-day ideas of aliens might not directly derive from the ancient history of art in general?

Additionally, many would not dare to doubt the connection that extraterrestrial life might have begun with ancient pyramids. As taught to us by human history, pyramids are said to have been built by the ancient Egyptians and, if we take a look at the tools that they had access to back then and the coincidencesthat appear in the building of such huge constructions, we might ask ourselves a few more questions about pyramids. Take the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx, two monuments beside one another: on the evening of the summer solstice, the sun sets exactly between the two monuments. Might that be a coincidence?

The only way for the Egyptians to do such a thing wouldve been the understanding of when the summer solstice was and the precise duration of a year: 365.25 days. The doubt emerges due to the fact that this data was discovered a long time after the living of the Egyptian population and not by the Egyptians themselves.

Not to mention the various sightings classified as unexplained.Take the Chiles-Witted sighting on the 24th of July in 1948. The two pilots narrate the scene as encountering a cigar-shaped, unknown craft with a blue glow, stopping to then disappear. People tried to look towards the idea of hallucination or military crafts, although there werent any scheduled to fly at that time and people changed their ideas about hallucination. Some tried to say that it was a meteor although, from the descriptions, it seemed completely different. To this day, we still fail to understand what that object might have been.

But, when talking about Martians or other forms of life in our universe, some people believe in the fact that they might be living in our world today, in hidden or secret places such as the amazon rainforest in Brazil! Before rejecting this point or calling it idiotic in any sort of way, let’s take a good look at why some people truly believe in this: South-American countries such as Brazil, Bolivia and Peru have been the center of attention regarding the U.F.O topic. It is, in some cases, believed that in these South-American areas, a U.F.O base might exist. It was in the year 1965 that Dr. Olavo Fontes talked about an actual extraterrestrial military invasion in the northern part of Brazil. It was Gen. Moacyr Uchoa that stated the fact that there was enough proof ready to confirm or try and certify the happening of such an event. In 1969, the Brazilians even set up the Sistema de Investigacao de Objetos Aereos Nao Identificados that wanted to try and capture such phenomenon. It was between 1977 and 1978 that chupas (round-shaped figures) were described to have come in the area of the Amazon Rainforest attacking the poor village inhabitants and shooting at them with peculiar laser-seeming shots. What might they have been?

This might all sound like nonsense, which is why I encourage people to have their own view of the situation. The topic, as I have previously stated, is highly vast and, therefore, cannot be answered in a simple article. As a result, throughout proof and rebuts regarding it, we are left with a gigantic, unsolved, 3-worded, and pretty much unanswered question: Do aliens exist?


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