Have You Been to Bangladesh Yet?

By: Shahriar H. Travel


If you haven’t already visited, you’re only missing out! It’s a gift that I can call Bangladesh my home, and you should know why that is. The sights are magnificent, the culture is rich, the cuisine is flavoursome, the weather is warm, and the people are interesting. It’s definitely worth taking some time to experience Bangladesh properly! Note that I won’t be pointing you towards the obvious sights that you can find on online travel guides, but instead show you the smaller things which go unmentioned that make your travel experience more enjoyable. Just plug this guide into your sightseeing list and you’re ready to go!

Important things to consider beforehand:

-Make sure you have a friend, guide or guardian that can translate, escort, and help you in Bangladesh before visiting.

-Don’t go in with expectations of lavishness and perfection, as Bangladesh is still a third-world country. You should be prepared to bear lots of third-world problems.

-Mosquitoes. Lots of Mosquitoes. It is best to ignore the bites, but if there’s a particular one that’s annoying you, I find that taking a hot teaspoon and holding it on the bite is the best method to stop it from itching.

If you’re alright with all of the above, let’s carry on!

      1.)   Dhaka

The first place to see when you arrive in Bangladesh is Dhaka, the capital, where your options are plentiful.

-Go shopping in the malls and the smaller stalls littered around the city. Products are cheaper and you might find something you’d like to take home.

-Go to a park. I’m particularly fond of Chandrima Park. My father would take me, my older brother and my cousins walking there when I was a year or two old. The place is lively and always bustling with people. You can either sit and enjoy the scenery, or take a stroll. It’s an ideal place to take photos as well.

-Get a snack. Buy food from a street vendor. If you don’t have issues with you stomach, I definitely recommend ‘Jhaal Moori’ (spicy puffed rice). Another snack that you should definitely try is Chanachur. You might have had something like this before, but it’s especially spicy in Bangladesh and has a different taste.

-Take a walk in a fish market. It’s interesting to see how Bangladeshis get their fresh fish, vegetables and meat in the city.

        2.)  A village

The second place you’d want to visit is a village. The village that my parents come from is Rajshahi, so I’m quite partial to it. Of course, you can visit any village you like.

        -Ride a Rickshaw and a CNG Scooter. It’s the Bangladeshi taxi, and it’s fun. You have the opportunity to ride them in the city, but because of the traffic, it isn’t enjoyable.

        -Chances are that you will be near a river. If you are in Rajshahi, go to the edge of the river, buy a snack, and take a seat. It’s a magnificent view and it’s worth waiting to see the sunset if you have the patience to wait. There’s also a field where you can relax and hang out.

        -Get more snacks! There are a variety of new snacks in villages that you won’t be able to get in the city. One such snack is ‘Piara’ (Guava). You can buy it bare or ask for it to be covered in spices. Another is ‘Chotpoti’, a spicy sweet snack, and I don’t know of anything that is like it anywhere else. My favorite is ‘Poori’, a type of Bangladeshi sandwich.

        -Buy a ‘Daab’ (green coconut) and drink its water. It’s refreshing and sweet.

        -Have some tea with ‘Gur’ (Jagerry, brown sugar). It isn’t exactly unique to Bangladesh, but it’s part of our culture to have in the evening. It’s a time to relax.

        -Visit a farm. One will always be near a village, and your Bangladesh travel experience won’t be complete without seeing one.

These are the small things that go unmentioned in big ‘top ten sights’ travel guides, but they are also part of the Bangladesh travel experience. Take my advice, and don’t miss out. I hope you consider going to Bangladesh in the future!


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