In the Spirit of the Holidays

By: Lena M.

All cities get prepared for this magical holiday, but the city of Lapland, Finland is a special city. Lapland is famous for its proficiency in festivities. It’s Christmas and New Year celebrations attract thousands of tourists every year to indulge in the holiday spirit.  Streets, which are now covered with snow, are decorated with multicolored garlands and tags. The rings of bells can be heard everywhere. In all the houses, Christmas trees are dressed with beautiful toys and frosty snowflakes, which just add more beauty to the already magnificent evergreen. These stunning trees and Santa Claus are the most important symbols of the holidays.

Christmas marks the beginning of change and the transition into festivities and true joy. Children diligently write to Santa Claus to beg for gifts they would love to receive. The entire community slips into a world where Santa Claus comes in a sledge with his 8 reindeers (and Rudolph), and magic is in the air. Everyone is passionately preparing for a long-awaited-holiday. Kids tell Santa poems, sing songs next to an ornately decorated Christmas tree, for what they receive deserved presents from Santa.

For community of Lapland, the warmest and most joyful holiday season is the New Year. Everyone waits for the New Year’s magic. Lot’s of people believe that a New Year’s Eve’s wish will grant us what we desire. Children are always extremely excited for holidays like Christmas, hoping for Santa Claus to bring many interesting gifts, but New Years is still incredibly special to families. New Years isn’t about material needs and wants; it celebrates growth and one’s unity and uniqueness. It allows people to stop and regard themselves and plan how they can become their best self. People send New Years cards to their relatives and friends, as well as surprising each other. New Years celebration is a very family oriented celebration. According to tradition, on December 31st the entire family gathers together at a New Year table. New Year’s has one of the most delicious holiday foods full of different dishes. All people impatiently wait for midnight, when, under the sound of a charming clock, the actual fun begins. During these minutes, everyone comes up with wishes. In order for them to come true the most important it the belief in magic.

Moreover, many foreign families prefer to celebrate the New Years in Finland, which is titled the ‘Home of Santa Claus’. There you can stay in an astonishing hotel and spend the most fantastic and fun nights of you life with skiing and beautiful views from one’s own bedroom window. A lot of children look forward for that journey, as they truly believe that they may see a special elusive someone whose history is wrapped in mystery yet with total kindness. All the children dream of a trip to the Santa Claus’ factory and meetings his elves and magic reindeer, and Lapland is as close as your going to get to a real winter wonderland!

Everyone starts to congratulate each other, wishing health, happiness and success. In fact, New Years is a fantastic holiday for personal relations. It gives all of us the faith in something new, bright and interesting. All bad, old and unnecessary, remains in the past year. Early in the morning each child finds a coveted gift under the Christmas tree and regrets that once again they accidentally overslept the visit of Santa Claus.


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