It’s Out With the Old and In With the New….Year

I. Taste new things

Try more food; if you are someone who sticks to the classic Italian dishes (pasta and pizza), try some other cuisines. If you live in Italy, it’s obvious that you’ll eat pasta and pizza on a daily basis; it’s not the worst diet you could have, but if you try new exotic cuisines, you might find that more food tickles your fancy. Be worldly, explore new types of food and widen your taste buds. Rome has many other food choices located in the city, such as Peruvian, Chinese, Japanese, and many more.


II. More eating, less gaining

Most people think that if you eat less, you will gain less weight, but in reality, you are just making yourself unhealthy. With a healthier and more balanced diet, you will get a better result than by barely eating at all. To get the perfect balanced diet, you need to include your daily protein, dairy, sugar (see, it’s not all that bad!), carbs and your fruits and veggies.


III. Don’t strive for an A, but for an E, effort

Every year, many students say that their resolution is to study more and achieve nothing but A’s. It’s a good way to be motivated in the second semester, but they are then let down when they don’t get 100%, no matter how hard they study. This year, try something different. Don’t strive for an A, but strive for an E, effort. Even if you don’t get A’s straight away, the amount of effort you put in is what really counts. Consquently, if you put enough effort, by the end of the year, you may achieve that A.


IV. Don’t change

Ok… so normally once it comes to the new year, there’s the typical idea of “New Year, New Me.” But, honestly, why change? If you have some bad habits that you don’t really like about yourself, you can try and get rid of them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean altering your entire personality!


V. You can’t please everyone

Similar to the previous resolution, don’t try and change yourself to please people. It’s not worth it. If you are the type of person who wants to be a people pleaser and do whatever everyone wants you to do, without it being your own choice, you should stop. Even if you do everything to make people like you, some will only use you. Not everyone will! Some people may give you a chance and accept you for who you are instead. Just make sure you spend your time with the right crowd, full of people who love and accept you for your actual self.


VI. Friends before trends

This is more of a reflection for the new year. Some people tend to follow the crowd, because it’s a human instinct to want to fit in. But don’t let yourself get carried away, to the point where you start ditching your actual friends for the popular people; who only like you for who they want you to be (as seen in pretty much every teen movie). Your true friends will always accept you for who you are and even if you go out of style, they won’t let you go.


VII. Do something with your life

This might be a little cliché but it’s a good way to start the new year. Take up some hobbies, try something new such as drawing, painting, singing, playing an instrument, acting, or sports. There are so many things to do with your time and you never know, you might have a knack for something you never thought you had. One thing is for sure, you will discover new things about yourself!


VIII. Less is more

About the hobbies, don’t have too many of them, unless you’re superman. I suggest trying a few, but sticking to the ones you really love to do and perfecting them. There’s no use in doing so many things, as in many cases you won’t do them properly, so stick to a couple, even just one and do it correctly, because that will bring out a better result by the end of the year.


IX. Be productive

This is old but gold. This is something that should be done all year round for pretty much the rest of your life, and you should already be this, but better late than never. A great way to go on with life is to be more productive. Do some charity work, or do an activity outside of school. You could help out at school or even just in your own household. Charity starts at home. Don’t do these things just for the CAS hours or because people force you to; do it because you genuinely want to.


X. Love yourself

The new year is a chance to appreciate yourself and tell yourself, “Hey! You’re not doing that bad, I mean, life is pretty good, right?” If you love yourself, you won’t need reassurance from anyone else, you’ll be independent. With independence, you will get far in life. You won’t second guess yourself, and neither will anyone else. This resolution isn’t just for this new year, it’s for every year of your life. Loving yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself.


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