OTR- A Giving Tree

By: Alice M.

ROME- In our Marymount community a group of students every day try to give, the

poor ones or the people who have difficulties, hope. This group is called “OTR” and

they prepare projects in order to accomplish the goal of improving the life of many

unfortunate people that live in Rome.

During Christmas time, OTR decorated a Christmas tree with angel tags,

where it was written the gift for the person, to then donate. Once the gift was

donated, a Christmas decoration was put on the tree: the class who donated the

most, as a reward, had one week of dress-down. Thanks to the large amount of gifts

that many students brought, the association of “Sant’Egidio” gave to the poor people

the opportunity of spending a joyful and merciful Christmas. In the group the students

worked hard in order to prepare all of the red and green posters that have been

hanging around the building during the last two weeks of school.

Even though Marymount is a school which tries to help and encourage the

unlucky people, there has never been a group able to fulfill the task of getting in

touch with the the homeless. Another factor that really is making this group

successful is that everyone is very motivated and inspired to take part into the

project, in fact OTR is controlled by students who are willing to make a change.

The “Giving tree” was the only project that the group achieved but we are

looking forward to make new and fun tasks in favor of the poor people that tragically

have been populating the streets of Rome in the last few years. However without a

leader the group wouldn’t have been so successful in this project. Ms. Haring, our

religion teacher, attempted to give us tips and helped us in the creation of the “Giving

Tree”. She also helped us respect deadlines and making sure that everything was


I am sure that OTR will be making interesting projects during the year, and I

really hope that the community of “Sant’Egidio” enjoyed the presents that the

students bought. In conclusion I am really proud and glad that with our project we

could be able to make the difference and help the homeless people to have a decent,

and holy Christmas.


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