The Advantages of Varsity Sports

By: Simone F.

The academic year can be a stressful period for students, in particular seniors, who spend most of their time preparing for the final IB exams. It is, however, always essential to take a break from studying, and to grasp the opportunity to unwind and get much needed respite. Marymount offers one such opportunity in the form of Varsity Sports, an athletic program that allows students to play a different variety of sports throughout the whole year. This unique chance to participate in extracurricular activities offers several benefits that allow students to participate in sports and, at the same time, fostering a sense of community and pertinence.

The varsity program, offered by Marymount, is divided into three seasons, the first running from September to late October and including volleyball, cross-country and tennis. The second season lasts from November to February and offers basketball, whilst the final season, including soccer and track and field, commences in March and ends in May. Differently from other athletic programs where students generally participate in a single sport throughout the year, in the varsity program, there is the potential to play three different sports throughout the year. As a result, Marymount International School is able to be competitive at European level in all sports, and has recently had silverware brought home by teams in all three seasons.

Another benefit of the varsity program is the genuine sense of community that it helps to create. The program allows for a wide range of students to take part, and, as a result, the teams are made up of both beginners and advanced players. This vast range of experience in the sport results in a wide variety of people from all four grades in high school participating. As a result, a sense of community is created, and friendships between students can be strengthened outside of the classroom. At the same time, the jersey of any sport played within the varsity curriculum carries a certain weight, and students always wear it with pride and a sense of intrinsic belonging to the school.

In conclusion, participating in varsity sports is the ideal way for students to engage in a wholesome activity, other than studying. The varsity program gives students the opportunity to become better athletes in several different sports, whilst at the same time fostering a community, and improving relationships outside of the classroom. Varsity is an incredible opportunity to provide service to the school outside of the classroom, strengthen relationships and generally have a good time. It is something I recommend for everyone.


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