The Superheroes of Paris: Ladybug and Chat Noir

By Anastasia B. Media


Ladybug and Chat Noir are superheroes that defend Paris from the “New Villain of The Week”, and when they are not fighting crime, they are two normal teenagers. Miraculous Ladybug is about two teenagers named Marinette and Adrien, who are typical kids of this day and age. Wait a minute! That sounds boring right? Well, they are normal teenagers and go to school like everyone else does, but what sets them apart from normal teens is that they lead a double life as superheroes. With the help of Tikki, Marinette’s kwami (sprite like creature), she turns into Ladybug; and with the help of Plagg, Adrien’s kwami, he turns into Chat Noir.

In 2012, there was a trailer for the show being an anime, but the idea was scrapped, and in 2013 it was shown as a CGI. The original character that Adrien replaced was a character named Felix. Felix came off as a typical anime cliché for his cold and reserved personality. The creator, Thomas Astruc, said that he might make an appearance someday, but for now, that’s not going to happen. He agrees with a Tumblr post talking about why Felix wouldn’t be a good character to use, how he isn’t a good example for young boys, and how the story would have been limited because of how cold and unfriendly he is. The character Adrien is a better role model, since he’s kind and friendly, while Felix is the complete opposite.

Personally I liked Felix, and was a bit disappointed when they disposed of him, but I like Adrien just as much as Felix. In the PV, Felix is shown ignoring Marinette when she tries to give him a letter (I’m guessing it was a love letter.) He’s shown as the snotty rich kid. I feel that a character like Felix that was also a superhero was a cool idea, even though he is stuck-up. There is going to be an anime version for the show and it’s going to be different than the CGI, and a second and third season are already confirmed as of November 20th. Merchandise is already being created as well, showing that tons of people love the show.

Some of the episode names are puns like Back to The Ladybug, or Rodgercop. Anyway, every week the show has a New Villain, and the main villain, who makes people into the Villain Of The Week, is named Hawkmoth. Hawkmoth has butterflies that he sends after somebody that is feeling envious, or just sad or angry, and turns them into a villain, like Copycat, The Evillustrator, or Dark Cupid. Marinette has a crush on Adrien, and he has a crush on Ladybug. The thing is, that when they transform into their alter egos (Ladybug and Chat Noir), they don’t know each other’s identities. The reason they don’t know who the other is, is because they could be anyone they know, due to cosplay.

Marinette does have the same hairstyle like Ladybug, but like I said, since people cosplay, she could be anyone. Marinette is clumsy, and she loves fashion so much that she makes her own hats, and other clothing. Adrien is shy, friendly and is the son of the fashion designer, Gabriel Agreste, who makes him model during his free time. It was said in a webisode that Adrien’s mother disappeared and it made his father change from the way he was before. We have no idea yet why his mother disappeared, but we might find out at some point.

In conclusion, Lady Bug and Chat Noir may seem like just your simple, typical teenagers, but in reality, they lead double lives and save the world.


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