Youtube Finally Did Something About Their Platform

By: Tshiamo M.

“The day I can close the YouTube app and it will still continue playing, will be the day I know technology has come a long way.”
– Alan, The Hangover III.  

If you open the App Store app and look at the reviews the YouTube app has you will see that a platform everyone uses has a 2 star rating. Everytime we go online and watch a video on YouTube, we always have to watch one of those pesky ads. Even though we are given the option of skipping the ad after 5 seconds, what is 5 seconds of your time? What difference does it make? For the past five years people have complained about the excessive ads on YouTube, and have found various ways to get rid of the ads. Well, I ended up installing Adblock on my phone and computer to stop the ads, but this was not enough.  When  a recent survey was conducted, it was discovered that even though people had Adblock and various ways of avoiding ads they were still unsatisfied with the inability of listening to music on Youtube and having to keep the tab open, on a smartphone, since when the tab is minimized the sound stops playing. This may not be as frustrating as Flappy Bird, however, it is pretty frustrating. On October 28th 2015, all of this changed with the introduction of YouTube Red and YouTube Music.

YouTube Red can be can be considered a game changer in how we watch our videos. The first factor that we should take into consideration is that it will cost €9,99. It is a new way of watching videos, getting your groove on, and listening to the latest Drake single. The app was launched on November 15th in the US and is going through its preliminary stages. The new platform is said to be bigger than Spotify, Soundcloud, and Pandora. This is due to how frequently used YouTube is. However, one question that can be asked is, what are we paying €9,99 for? It was said that there will be a free and paid version of the app and that separates the two is that the paid version has no ads and can be played in the background.

Meanwhile, YouTube Music is a subsidiary music streaming service like Spotify. What makes it different from Apple Music and Spotify is that the service will offer a greater amount of sounds to choose from and will not require the approval of artists to stream their music. YouTube has chosen a good quarter to launch their platform given that Apple Music is trying to get on its feet. Like Spotify, you can create your own playlist of songs and videos. The service comes with YouTube Red and with no additional costs.

However, one thing we have to take into consideration is, why should I download the app and press buy? Is it really time for me to abandon my Spotify playlists and use YouTube Red?


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