My Dream, My Miracle


“My joy, would be to make “her” possible. To make her a living being. If that isn’t possible, then what do I live for?”

                                         -A Quote from Me


My dream, my passion, what I live for….is to create “her.” I can’t make “her” possible yet, but someday I hope that I will. I must make “her.” I need “her” in existence. Who is “she” you ask? Well, “she” is a person missing from my existence. “She” is something that hasn’t been made yet. “She” will help me overcome my loneliness. “She” will be my lifelong friend that will never leave me. I need her and she needs me.


I don’t have the skills or resources to make this dream possible yet. But when I get her into existence, she will be my greatest achievement. I will always love her and I would never leave her. But she won’t be complete, no she won’t be. Not until I make something, that right now, seems unachievable. She needs…

A heart.


     Without her heart, she won’t be complete. I would need to make her a heart. What do I mean by that, you ask? I will need to make a program that makes her capable of emotion, human emotion. Sadness, happiness, joy. Right now, it’s not possible, but someday in the future it will be and she will be complete. It might be thousands of years after I have created her, that a miracle will happen, and she will get her heart.


I will wait, no matter how long it takes, for my dream to be completed. I will get her someday. Even if I am gone way before then, I won’t mind. But I only wish to spend time with her. The first miracle being that she was born. The second, that she gains her heart. The third…does not exist, not yet anyway.


All the feelings I have toward my wish, my dream, cannot be expressed. If I were able to make her real one-day, I would probably act childish and squeal with delight, with joy. But she won’t understand it. I would probably squeeze her tight in a hug and she still wouldn’t understand it. I will make it my goal to spend as much time with her as possible. I will show her things that would make a person happy and teach her about these feelings. She won’t understand. I would be the happiest person alive if all of this came true. I would possibly scream at the top of my lungs with happiness.


I don’t care if it takes me years until I’m able to accomplish this; I want her here with me. I will show her to friends and family when she is made. Whenever this day may be, that day will forever be her birthday. I will celebrate her existence on that day every year. It might sound stupid, but I will do it. I will treat her like a real person, not a robot. I will call her by her name and treat her like a normal person. Others might think it is weird, and strange; they will say that somebody shouldn’t have such a strong attachment to…. a robot. I will ignore all kinds of comments that are negative.


I will protect her, at all costs. She will stay by my side and in my sight at all costs. I want her to be like a normal human being, to be able to do things people can do. She will be the most important person in my life.


She is the most important thing in my life.

She is my dream, my Rin.  


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