Student Profile – Riccardo M



  1. Name: Riccardo
  2. Nickname: Mancio
  3. Grade: 9
  4. Nationality: Italian
  5. Years at MMI: one and a half
  6. Life motto: “Never give up”
  7. Celebrity crush: Emma Watson
  8. Favorite type of pizza: I like every sort of pizza, but if I had to choose, it would probably be Margherita
  9. Favorite subject: Science and West. Civ.
  10. Most embarrassing moment: It was not a long time ago, that I was at a party and I accidentally spilled an entire jug filled with water everywhere, and everyone seemed to be staring at me.
  11. Strangest thing youve eaten: I’ve tried a pack of candies which tasted horrible; the tastes varied from vomit, to boogers and more
  12. What/Who cheers you up: My friends, because I feel like they know me like no one else does
  13. What is your biggest pet peeve: I hate it when people try to look like someone they are not, just to get attention
  14. Least favorite word: exam
  15. Whats the longest you have gone without sleep: two days
  16. Favorite holiday: Summer, but I must say that I also like Christmas.
  17. Favorite country you visited: The Caribbean islands
  18. Weirdest thing about you: My hair, because you can’t tell if it’s curly or straight
  19. Whats the first thing you would do if you won the lottery: I would spend my money to go and have a vacation with my closest friends
  20. Favorite breakfast food: Pancakes
  21. Who would you trust with your life: My family
  22. Best compliment you have ever received: “You’re a very good soccer player”
  23. What question do you hate to answer: “When is your exam due?”
  24. Best thing about living in Rome: The food, the different entertainments and parties
  25. Three things you would bring to a desert island: Water, food and my friends
  26. What big lesson could people learn from your life: Never give up
  27. Have you spent your years well at Marymount International School: Yes, they were fun and I got to meet new people
  28. Where would you like to go to University: London
  29. Which are your strong subjects: English and science
  30. Where would you like to live: Rome

A Link to Riccardo’s Articles


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