The Shining Star In a Galaxy of Success

The Shining Star In a Galaxy of Success – Dominic L.

By: Simone Faggiani

Explosive pace, incredible vision, and the ability to set up other players for the shot, make Dominic and his favorite player Russell Westbrook, two basketball players with a lot in common. Dominic started playing basketball when he was five years old, and credits his successful high school career that has seen him play with both Marymount and Stella Azzurra to his father. Mr. Laffitte has in fact been coaching since before his son was born, and has played an important role in getting Dominic interested in the game of basketball, as well as acting as his coach.

This year, Dominic has proven his worth with outstanding performances, which have given the Royals great self-belief in thinking that they can make it to Germany and beyond. The most impressive of these was undoubtedly against Aviano, where he scored 46 points, and was instrumental in orchestrating scores from the rest of the team. However, Dominic does not hesitate in thanking the whole team, who function as one. If we compare the success of the Marymount basketball team this year, to the domination that Barcelona has experienced in soccer, Dominic would be Messi, the shining light of the team, present all over the court and capable of amassing huge scores in every game. At the same time, there is strong support from Lolo and Marco, comparable to Suarez and Neymar because of their ability to aid other players, and take important scores. Isaac brings a creativity similar to that of Iniesta around of the court, whilst Giovanni at the back is as solid as Puyol back in the day. The Royals have also shown to have strength in depth, in particular in the game against Sigonella, where Elton, Jalil, Alex, Diego, and James all had a significant impact in bringing home the win.

It is safe to say that most of the Royals basketball team’s results this season can be credited to the arrival of freshman, Laffitte who, however has stayed grounded. In a recent interview, he has recognized that had it not been for the rest of the team, much of his standout performances would not have been as spectacular. According to the freshman, there is great chemistry in the team, and room for improvement, as they are yet to hit top form. Differently to the certainly more competitive levels of Stella Azzurra, Dominic enjoys the supportive atmosphere provided by Marymount supporters, coupled with the frenetic adrenaline of the games. And while things can get heated on the court, the teammates always have each other’s backs, and can always have a laugh after the game. The caliber of the basketball he is playing at the moment has resulted in him being respected by his teammates and feared by his opponents, but it has had no effect on his performances and attitude. Dominic in fact considers himself up to the challenge, and even if the best defender is put to mark him one-on-one, he’ll just play simple basketball, and stick to what he knows.


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  1. This article has described this athlete’s superior talent extremely well. I would love to meet this athlete though; I believe he has a great future ahead of him as a professional athlete. The chronological aspects of this article also really allows the reader to follow through the discovery of this rookie athlete and his rise to glory.


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