Plastic Oceans…?

By: Elena V

Global issue


ROME- What about the ocean? What about the animals that live in the ocean? I bet no one actually considers nor thinks about these questions, or worse, does not care. I stand by the opinion that it is a crucial issue that should not be underestimated. I believe none of us realize the damage we are causing to the world with pollution, and we should definitely do something about it before it’s too late.

Sadly, in innumerable countries the damage we have already caused is irreparable and, the rising levels of pollution are threatening countless other countries that are helpless in the face of this problem. Pollution is an after effect of our wastes and therefore we are obligated to do something about it and repair this irremediable catastrophe.

Pollution releases substances, which are both harmful and poisonous. It happens in many ways and has side effects not only on us and to the air we breath, but especially to the sea. As plastic breaks down in the water, toxic substances not found in nature are released, which consequently slows down the process of the growth of the marine organisms.

Plastic, is a material that dissolves and diffuses easily in the water/sea, which means that  when toxic material is released it can spread through large bodies of water quickly. A vast variety of the plastic released in the ocean are also suspected to cause cancer and to be carcinogenic.  

Until a few years ago, plastic wasn’t considered to be an issue of extreme importance, until it was proved to be a  threat to the living creatures in the sea, by it’s ability to choke them or poison them from being ingested. Scientists also discovered that during the process of plastic’s decomposition in  the sea, dangerous and risky chemicals, that, for the reason that they are not found in nature, can distort many organic systems of the animals.

Every year, nearly eight tonnes of plastic is discarded in the oceans, and this estimation is expected to double by 2050. It is also estimated that by this same year, the oceans will be so full of plastic that its mass would outweigh the total mass of all fish on Earth. Plastic will be more common in our oceans than fish.

Unfortunately, the use of plastic has increased over the past 50 years, and it is predicted to rise in an extreme way in the next 20 years. We are all aware of this huge difficulty, which is the cause of why we recycle plastic nowadays, and create new ones out of the old ones, though it costs the world billions.

Plastic is everywhere and affects everybody. It takes millions of years to break down and the world contains an immeasurable quantity of it. Pollution may affect us, the animals, the oceans, and all living organisms, but it is also considered to be a factor contributing to other many environmental catastrophes like the rising levels of global warming as well as depopulation. What about the ocean? What about the animals that live in the ocean? BRUH



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