Islam ≠ Terrorism

By: Alice M


Rome- When I hear the radio or I watch the news I always think that nothing bad could ever happen to me. Poverty and discriminations are in the other parts of the world…Right? Even though Italy hasn’t been directly attacked by wars or extreme poverty, isn’t psychological discrimination a damaging way to violate people who do not look like us? Wearing the veil, going to mosque Saturday morning or eating chicken instead of pig does not mean that you are a terrorist. The members of Isis do not kill and torture million of peoples because they are Christians, Buddhist, Hindus or any other religion. Unfortunately on the 13th November when the terrorist group attacked the Bataclan theatre and the Stade de France there were not only Christians, but also people of different religions and nationalities. After the several attacks in Paris one of my mom’s close friend, who is Muslim , wrote a message to my mom explaining how does she feel in this moment. Here is the extract:


I have a question… Do you know what is the Islamic sharia? Because I feel sorry that you talk about terms that you don’t even know what they mean. I am surprised by your words, as you are all educated people that without doubts have met Muslims people in your life before me. The terrorists do not have a religion and I am sure that there are no religions that predicate the killing of people… I do not believe in a doctrine that recognises the killing of a person. I am Muslim, I live in Rome from 25 years and I am religious. When I walk in the street in my bag I don’t bring bombs, I have the perfume of Yves Saint Laurent and the wallet and sometimes even the snacks for my children. These terrorists kill us more than everyone else: they took over our countries, our cities and our properties. Personally they took my house in my hometown, they killed my father who was returning from a journey, and they stole our money. Is it the fault of the Islamic sharia? The Muslim community that lives outside of their home countries has more fear than we do, because we are discriminated and not treated equally. I ask for something: search what Islam is and do not get influenced by medias nor anything else that only spreads hate. My only worry in this particular period is that so many discriminations could affect my children… First of all they love their religion but also Italy: they were born here, they have Italian friends and they know better Rome than Bengasi. I ask my self which lesson of civilization we need to teach… And learn.


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