6 Things You Need to Know About the iPhone SE

By: Arna M

USA – Are you ready to see the new iPhone SE? Well…you will have to wait a while, because it won’t be revealed until in September. Just like every year, frequent users of Apple products wait for the presentation of Apple’s new product, which is revealed in Cupertino, in Central California. Each year the suspense rises, and technology enthusiasts gather to see the improvements of the wonderful creation, called the iPhone.

        Don’t feel like waiting for the presentation to learn about the iPhone SE? Here are some (rumored) things to expect from the most awaited revelation of 2016.

  1. It will NOT be bigger!

Fortunately for those of you with small hands out there, the iPhone 6SE will be identical to the iPhone 5, except reinvented from the inside out. Though it has become a habit for the popular phones to not only change shape with each model, but also get bigger, iPhone has finally decided to stick with a beloved design that was incredibly popular 2 years ago.


  1. It will most definitely NOT be thinner…

Apparently, Apple also enjoys modifying the iPhone and the technology within it, to become even smaller and less spacious. However, this year the iPhone is getting fatter, and returning to its original thickness, as in the iPhone 5.


  1. The screen will stay the same (old is good!).

Initially, it was rumored that the new iPhone would no longer have an LCD screen, but rather switch to AMOLED, which is a type of “thin film” technology (they work just like LCD, but are much thinner). This change would allow the iPhone to maximize space. However, Apple has opted for the good old retina display.


  1. The camera will blow your mind!

Recently, a photo started circulating (not from a trustworthy source) in Chinese forums, showing a much larger camera slot, which caused technology enthusiasts to question whether the new iPhone will have a dual lens camera. A dual lens camera consists of one wide-angle lens and one telephoto lens. However, these rumors were shot down by Apple, as they have revealed the phone will have a 12 megapixel iSight camera, and video quality up to 4 times 1080p HD videos!


  1. Our iPhones will most likely stay the same color…

Unfortunately, it has not been revealed whether the iPhone 7 will have more than the existing 4 colors available. Some “mockups” have been shared on the internet, with an all black version and blue and pink, but it his highly unlikely that we will see such creations in the future.


  1. Be aware of the future sound change

The most controversial change which will (not confirmed directly by Apple, but sources have claimed it) be to remove the popular AUX input, and include it with the lightning port (the port which you charge your phone in). This will allow the phone to be thinner, according to Apple, and cause them to profit more. This will not happen to the iPhone SE, but it is likely for the future. However, if this change it made, it will not benefit the environment as existing headphones with the AUX input will be thrown away and landfills will be packed with such expensive equipment.

        So, what do you think about these possible changes? Are you excited for the new iPhone?


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