From Ke$ha to Kesha

By: Marta A

Recently, Kesha, a famous American pop singer, has been in the media, but not for her music. The Tik Tok singer has been in a very complicated legal battle to be released from her producer, Dr. Luke. According to the civil suit filed in Los Angeles of October 2014 – back when Kesha was Ke$ha – accusations started arising as she claimed to be sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused over ten years by Dr. Luke, to the point where she almost lost her life. Dr. Luke then responded with a countersuit accusing Kesha of devising declarations to break their contract.

So who’s lying? Well, there is evidence for both sides. First of all, why would Kesha lie and bring this upon her, leaving her career on the rocks, and her sobbing at the February 2016 court ruling, where she was not released from her contract? Yet, in a 2011 deposition, which has only partially been unsealed, Kesha denied having an intimate relationship with the producer.

Thankfully, Kesha has received an enormous amount of support from various celebrities. Taylor Swift donated $250,000, and Adele publicly supported her after receiving a BRIT Award, along with various current female icons like Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Lily Allen, just to name a few. Additionally, Kelly Clarkson, who had previously worked with Dr. Luke, tweeted saying: “Trying 2 not say anything since I can’t say anything nice about a person… so this is me not talking about Dr. Luke.“ These celebrities, among others, have used social media, especially Twitter, to support her, admire her bravery, and speak about the bigger picture. The bigger picture encompasses woman’s rights, an unjust legal system and the struggle of victims of sexual abuse.

This is not just about Kesha. Unfortunately, her case is one of many. As soon as a victim gathers courage to speak up, she or he is asked for evidence, but with sexual abuse it is very hard to do so. Demi Lovato tweeted that it is “Frustrating to see women come forward with their past only to be shot down, not believed & disrespected for their bravery in taking action.” Even if this were to be a lie, it does not encourage other victims to come out about their abuse, as if they needed something else to prevent them from doing so. A document with statistics about sexual violence from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center reports that “the prevalence of false reporting is between 2% and 10%”.

On the other hand, if this were to be a lie, then Dr. Luke’s reputation would be trashed. He would have spent so much money on a court case, where he was found innocent. Regardless, the horizon does not look pretty for both sides.

So, we will probably never be able to know what really happened between Dr. Luke and Kesha, but what we know is that she will never be Ke$ha again. The most important thing we can take away from this story is that sexual abuse is something that needs to be reported more, and people need to be educated. It’s a prevalent conflict because 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men are raped. This situation with Kesha has exposed the issue, but much more needs to be done.


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