Hatsune Miku- Project Diva X

By: Anastasia B

Hatsune Miku-Project Diva X is the newest addition to the rhythm game series of Project Diva games that involve Vocaloid. If you don’t know what Vocaloid is, look at my article that’s all about it. Anyway, Project Diva X is the eighth game in the series, and will have over 300 modules and 50 songs free and with dlc; and involving new songs (yay!), new modules (yay!), a story mode, and five areas in Live Quest Mode. (wait, what?)

The five areas are: Neutral, Cute, Cool, Beauty, and Chaos. Each module and song has a specific area and does specific things to raise your voltage level. I’ll talk more about that later. For example, let’s choose the song Lost One no Goukoku, in English is called Lost One’s Weeping. The song has the attribute Cool. If you equip Rin, who sings this song, with the right module which is Astray, it will greatly increase the Voltage Rate and make it easier for you to get Voltage.

Some of the new songs include: Mrs. Pumpkin no Kokkei na Yume (Mrs. Pumpkin’s Commercial Dream), Hikyou Sentai Urotander (Coward Fighters Urotander), Amazing Dolce, Ai Dee (Love Dee), and more. So far there’s 24 songs that we know of being put in the game. The game will also have medleys, which involve multiple songs from a producer like Cute Medley: Idol Sounds, which involves song from the producer Mitchie M. Each medley also has a specific attribute. The game has a new way for you to get modules which is called Module Drop. If you complete the conditions of the quest and if Chance Time is cleared, you will be awarded a random module.

There’s also the feature Rush Notes. It helps the player gain a higher score. When the word RUSH appears on the screen the player has to press the corresponding buttons repeatedly. The new thing with the game is that instead of Story style pv’s, they are made to make them like they are in front of a live audience, which I think is pretty cool. 

 You can find videos on YouTube with previews of the songs and see what their modules look like. I’m really excited for this game. If I wasn’t why would I be writing about this? The game comes out the 24th of this month in Japan and it will take a while for the game to be translated to English. It comes out for PlayStation Vita first, then comes out for the PlayStation 4. (Although, if you’re a fan like me, I would just by the Japanese import. Yeah I won’t understand anything, but I will play it for hours on end, anyways. Yes, hours.) If you want to try a unique rhythm game, I recommend this and the other Project Diva games.

       The other project diva games were for the PlayStation 3, and the latest Project Diva F for the 2nd. And if you want to have a good challenge, make sure to play the Ultimate Medley. Featuring songs like Sadistic Music Factory, Uramote Lovers (Two faced Lovers,) and Nijigen Dream Fever (2 Dimensional Dream Fever). There are a few pictures out there for it and it looks insane. (In a good, but also a bad way.) If you’re really skilled at these games, and I mean, REALLY skilled; then this is the medley for you! The songs are fast paced and if you’ve played these games for a while, you will easily master this. Unlike me, who hasn’t been able to even get through a standard rank on the extreme difficulty. So yeah, that’s pretty much it. Project Diva X everybody. By the way, their Ultimate Modules seem to have a chess theme….


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