Oscars 2016: R.I.P. Leonardo diCaprio Jokes

By: Alice Monorchio.

Rome- The 88th Academy Awards are over! 36.6 million spectators watched the show on  channel ABC on February the 28th. The night began when Hollywood Stars walking down the Red carpet dressed in glittering haute couture robes. The night of the Oscars was ready to begin and everyone hoped that the most loved actor of all time: Leonardo Di Caprio, would finally win an Oscar for his extraordinary performance in his latest work “Revenant”. The “Revenant”,adapted from a true story, narrates the story of a hunter Hugh Glass (interpreted by Leo) that survived a grizzly attack and walked 320 km alone without food or water. His mates, who believed that Glass was dead, buried him alive and left him for dead. Many writers and film producers, fascinated by his incredible courage, reproduced the incredible story of the hunter, Hugh Glass.

Julianne Moore, winner of last year’s best actress in a leading role in the movie “Still Alice”; waited almost the entire night to give the statuette to Leo. When Moore finally pronounced the five words “And the Oscar goes to…”, the audience, who were all holding their breath, burst into an endless applause for the 2016 “Best Actor”: Di Caprio.

The reaction of the audience was touching. In particular Kate Winslet, who is considered to be one of Di Caprio’s best friend (rumors say that they are not just friends, but that’s another story…) was crying as Leonardo Di Caprio finally went on stage to take the statuette. 

Like a true professional, Leo managed the entire situation very well. He gave one of the best speeches according to the online newspaper “Inquisitr”. He said: “Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted. Thank you so very much”.

Finally, after 22 nominations Leo has won the Academy Award for best actor in a leading role. After all Leo didn’t sleep inside animal carcasses, eat raw liver and film outside in the freezing cold for nothing.

I watched the entire show; I needed to see my favorite actor finally taking the gold trophy. I didn’t care that the show in Italy finished at 6:00 AM and I had dark circles under my eyes and an important presentation the next day at school. I was incredibly happy for Leo that he finally accomplished his biggest dream….

Now we just need to wait for Johnny Deep, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise to win a long awaited Oscar.


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