Student Profile – Elena V

By: Sofia V

In this questionnaire I’ll be asking her some personal questions and a few questions about the wall of kindness. I decided to interview Elena Vittori because I believe she was one of many students who worked very hard for this project, and thought it was right to ask her some questions about it.

  1.    Name: Elena
  2.    Nickname: Eli
  3.    Grade: 9
  4.    Nationality: Italian, Greek and German
  5.    Years at MMI: 1
  6.    Life motto: “Make it happen”
  7.    Celebrity crush: Harry Styles
  8.    Favorite type of pizza: Margherita
  9.    Favorite subject: Math and Basic Design
  10. Ugly and live forever, or attractive and live for a year: Attractive and live for a year
  11. What/Who cheers you up: My sister
  12. Least favorite word: I really don’t like the word “Impossible” since I believe everything is possible if you really believe in it
  13. What’s the longest you have gone without sleep: Just one day
  14. Favorite holiday: Summer for sure
  15. Favorite country you visited: UK is definitely the one I prefer so far
  16. Who’s your hero: My dad, my sister and Harry
  17. Weirdest thing about you: My laugh
  18. Last thing you bought: A pair of running shoes
  19. Favorite breakfast food: Biscuits (Gocciole) and milk
  20. Who would you trust with your life: My sister
  21. Best compliment you have ever received: That I have nice hair
  22. what big lesson could people learn from your life: Life is too short to be on a diet
  23. How did your class come up with the “Wall of Kindness” project: We wanted to explain the concept of kindness of “dolce stil novo”. We also wanted to create a wall of kindness in the name of solidarity, and to help those in need.
  24. Why do you think it’s an important cause: I believe this is an important because this wall will become a symbol of mercifulness in response to those in need.
  25. How did you personally contribute in creating the wall: I helped by designing creative cartoons on the wall and by giving ideas to others. I also helped by creating a draft and raising money with a bake sale.

26.  Did you enjoy it: Yes, I had a lot of fun, and I hope that it helped too.


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