The Wall of Kindness

By: Elena V

        ROME, MARCH – On the 19th of March 2016 the project of the “Wall of Kindness” will take place. The initiative came from the high school 9th grade students from Marymount International School. Everything was successfully organized thanks to our Italian professor Mrs. Iorio, promoter and initiator of the project, who decided to bring teaching out of the classroom to explain the concept of kindness of Dolce Stil Novo.

        As it happens in many Iranian cities, where the inventiveness came from, the wall, which is usually a symbol of division, will become a symbol of mercifulness in response to those in need.

        Wall and kindness are two words that are so different, but simultaneously so close. In northern Iran the first “Wall of Kindness” was created last December, walls of kindness also began to fill Italian cities, in the name of solidarity and to help those in need. The motto is always the same: “Give what you don’t need. Take what you need”.

        Coats, shoes and clothes. As plenty of other Italian cities such as Bologna, Florence and Parma have already done, Rome too will have its wall of kindness and will be built in Via Cassia (La Storta, Roma Nord). Thanks to the patronage and sponsorship of the Municipality, we were able to detect a wall, situated in a place full of meaning for the capital, which is the main street of passage for the pilgrims visiting Rome in this jubilee year.

        We hope to be able to create a wall that lasts over time. A beautiful and magnificent wall to see, where people can leave gifts, such as clothes and shoes, and not waste. We want to offer our support and we want to let people in need know where to find it. We really hope to be able to make change in the lives of the unfortunate people.

        This enterprise will be created and led by the street artist Mario Damico, founder of “Artists Anonymous Trulli”. The design thought for the wall of kindness will be the result of the merger of 11 drafts that year 9 students of Marymount exposed on March 9 in school. For the occasion, their sketches were created and put into pieces. Year 9 students also had a bake sale, that offered homemade food, whose proceeds will be used to purchase the materials needed to create the wall of kindness (paints, brushes, baskets, gloves, hooks). There will be coloured hands, suns, moons, trees and homes. And many hooks and baskets for clothes and shoes.

        The inauguration, with the possibility of leaving the first objects, is scheduled for March 19 and included in this project, will be the Gruppo Scout Agesci Roma 2 to take care. “It would be nice that each municipality had its own. It is an initiative that brought out students from their walls and that will teach them to take care of “their” wall even after.”

        It will be a beautiful symbol of solidarity for incoming pilgrims in Rome for the Jubilee of Mercy.


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