10 Reasons you should join the varsity soccer team

By Sofia V.

Soccer is one of those sports where anyone can play; and it’s a sport practiced all around the world, so mostly everyone knows how to play it. In Italy, soccer is the most practiced physical activity, and avidly followed by the majority of the population in the country. That’s why I decided to write down ten reasons why you should join our soccer varsity team next year.

  1.        KEEPS YOU IN SHAPE

        Soccer is one of those sports that keeps you in shape, and it is practiced during the season just before summer. Especially for girls, as summer time is considered to be a big deal, and we want to be prepared, and by that, I mean fit.

  1.        FUN

        Varsity is just really fun because you learn a new sport if you’ve never practiced it before, and you do it with your friends. You get to travel, have many experiences and just have the best time.


        Especially during the last part of the year, it may happen that you are stressed, due to school work and exams. That’s absolutely normal, but the best thing about every sport is that when you play you release all your anxiety and preoccupations.

  1.        MAKE NEW FRIENDS

        That’s so true. You make so many friends on the field, you couldn’t possibly imagine the bond that is created in team sports. That occurs because you get to spend most of the time with them, either by practicing or travelling together.

  1.        COMPETITIVE

        Like in most sports, being competitive is the key to success. It’s a full time commitment, but let me tell you something, it’s worth it. You really have to want to be part on the team, and like what you’re doing to really enjoy it, but I’ll tell you again it’s worth it.

  1.        EXCITING

        Every time a new season starts, everyone is very excited because they hope to be selected to be in the team they choose. When soccer starts though, the excitement is even more because it’s the last season of the year, and everyone seems to want to join it.


        One of the best parts of playing soccer, is that you get to be outside all the time. You get to breath clean air, and also get tanned. It makes it much more pleasurable, especially if you’re running for hours, and some fresh air, definitely makes you feel better.

  1.        CHALLENGING

        Soccer it’s certainly not an easy sport, since you have to be athletically prepared to be running with any weather condition, for a long period of time. It challenges you to become a better athlete, but also to become a healthier person.


        To play soccer you need character, determination and patience. It takes time to build character, but it will not only help you with the sport, but your life too.       


        It’s for sure an amazing experience, that I personally recommend. I know some of you may say that they’re really bad at it, but let me tell you something, it doesn’t really matter. No one was born with soccer skills, or anything like that, I make mistakes too, but I improve every day, and that’s what really matters.

To finish I would like to include a quote from a famous Italian soccer coach that summarizes my believes.

“If we have to deprive a player of the right to make mistakes, then we’d best hang up everything and go home.”

-Giovanni Trapattoni



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