Android vs iOS

By Andrea M.

Android and iOS are two of the two main and most important mobile operating system. A mobile operating system is a system software, in this case for mobiles, that is specifically designed to run phones, smartphones, and other technologic devices. iOS, is created and developed by Apple.Inc and distributed for Apple hardware. It’s best known for being the operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Android, instead is developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Let’s go and take a look at what are the advantages and disadvantages between these two mobile operating systems.

The first ever Android phone, the T-Mobile G1 (or the HTC Dream in the US) appeared in October 2008, and it received mostly positive reception. However, since then, Android’s have developed and changed enormously.  Let’s now see some features of the latest Android phones. One thing that is an advantage for Google, therefore Android in this battle, is that, while iOS’s apps are only available for iPhones and not for the rival’s phones Samsung, Android apps can also be used for iPhones and iPads. One of the biggest advantages of Android is definitely the ease of notification. In fact, for any SMS or Email, there will always be a notification on the Home Screen Android phone, which it let you know immediately if you have a notification or even a missed call.  Another advantage of Android, which makes life so much easier, is Multitasking. This is because, for example, you can browse on the internet while listening to a song. Now, for as much as there are all these advantages for Android operating system, there also are some disadvantages. In fact, one of the biggest disadvantages of Android’s, despite not being extremely important, is advertising. Application in the Android phones can indeed be obtained easily and for free, but the consequences in each of these applications, will always be ads on display, either the top or bottom of the application. This happens very often with games, and of course, it is very annoying…

It’s iOS’s turn now. iOS has undoubtedly an infinite amount of advantages, starting from the enormous amount of applications and games, to the suitable phone sizes, which unlike Android, are easier to have in hand and to keep in your pocket. iOS has also a very good security system, which allows users to be more “relaxed”, because viruses always make us worry, no matter which phone or operating system. Another excellent feature of iOS phones is the camera, which despite having less megapixels, has a fantastic quality when taking pictures or videos. We went through some of the advantages, but let’s see the main disadvantages of this operating system. It is known that the main disadvantage of iOS devices are costly apps and no widget support. This limits people to download apps, since paying for a game is not what everyone wants. To repair eventual problems with an iOS is also a problem itself, since you’ll have to spend a lot of money to adjust the inconvenience.

Now, if I had to choose between the two I would go for Android, but this is due to my experience. The truth is that both have an equal amount of pros and cons, and one’s choice when buying a phone is only personal. They are both great, so for sure what you will choose will be excellent, as long as you just choose the one you like the most. Because there is really nothing better.




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