Fuller Than Full

By Kristen O.

Caution: this article may contain spoilers


On September 22nd 1987, in the United States of America, a new TV show aired on ABC,  Full House, concerning the life of a father (Danny Tanner) with three daughters (DJ, Stephanie and Michelle) who had just lost his wife. He asked his brother-in-law (Jesse Katsopolis) and his best friend (Joey Gladstone) to assist him in the up-bringing of his daughters.

Throughout the course of the seasons, the three men struggle to raise the three daughters and they go through what many dads have to go through as their girls grow up, but this time, they have no help from a “mother”. Despite these obstacles, the three men found a way to nurture the girls and do as best as they can. The unconventional bond created between the men and the daughters becomes so strong, it’s as if they are all their fathers. There were also several major characters such as Kimmy Gibler (DJ’s best friend) Rebecca Donaldson, and more. And of course, it warmed all of the viewers hearts and the fans were devastated when the show ended in 1995.

20 years, 10 months, and 3 days later, a new TV show was released, in the name: “Fuller House”, describing the life of a widowed mother of three SONS named “DJ FULLER” (Cue Full House fans: AHHHHH <3). Originally, DJ was supposed to raise her boys on her own, but her SISTER and her BEST FRIEND (ring any bells?) decided to stay with her and help her.

Once the trailers came out in December, Full House fans repeatedly watched it over and over (and over) again, until the actual show came out 3 months later (I’m guilty of that). On the pilot episode, most of the main characters made guest appearances (Pretty much tugging at our heart strings) and they gave us a real blast from the past by playing 80° music and stating their famous catchphrases as if it’s what they’ve been saying every day for the past 20 years.

29 years ago, ABC released a new family sitcom, which captured the hearts of many viewers for 8 seasons, and 192 episodes. A TV show that will never get old. A TV show that teaches us about family bonds and life. A TV family, who became our family. Now that family may grow, thanks to Fuller House.




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